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How many poles?

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No, not an ethnic joke. Was cleaning out the furnace room today, getting ready for the trash men, and realized that we had at least 19 poles of various sorts and lengths sitting on top of the oil tank. This doesn't count the 4 that we actually skied with this year. I guess I have a quiver after all. How many have you accumulated?
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I have four pair. Two pair I ski with, (not at the same time) and two pair of aluminum skewers form the 60s.
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4 pairs here. 2 aluminum sets from the 80's which have been minorly bent by falls and 2 pair's of Goode composites(one was bought a hair short) that are in use and will probably remain so for years.
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If you don't want them, I will take them, don't throw them away..they make great wind chimes!!!!!
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I have three pairs. Short ones cause I punched myself in the face once while skiing down a bump run. I just got an older pair for two dollars at a thrift store because they had those old large grips. I cut the straps off and find the larger grip easier to hold onto. The only thing I like about the straps is the fact that you can use them to snag a ski above you when you fall in steep powder.
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I have one pair that I have had since 1977.
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Make a windchime a la Thunder chair at JH Ski equiptment =s tre chic furniture...

On that note, I've also seen a very cool aderondack chair made out of old skis at Windham.
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With a family of 5 who do downhill and x-c there are way too many to count even after donating many to the local ski swap but I still use the same poles for the last 36 years, Scott Golds.
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I have a pair I've used for the last six or eight years that replaced the ones I dropped and stepped on in a lift line, shredding them. I have a spare pair that's very similar I've used half a dozen times. But I've recently become enamored of the K2 poles with the chromed grip ends, and I'm looking for some of those.
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Buy 2 identical sets like I did.

I lost two at Schweitzer (leaving 2) then retrieved them 3 months later
in lost and found on an unexpected trip.

Next I bent one bad - still 3. fixed after the trip

next I broke one.- still 2.

Now 2 sort of lost, had my brother retrieve them (with ski's). I was
showing 2 cute Heavenly Valley instructors ( On their day off) where to
ski in the chutes at Mt Rose!! I guess a brain fart due to meeting
these gals in the bar later lead me to forget stuff when I departed!!
Unfortunately I then had an early flight out of town.
Less than 2 is bad. I had to saw off an old pole to sort of make a set.

Will be back to 3 poles next fall.
I need only take one pole on flights as a spare.

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One pair: Leki carbon fiber Air Ergo. Adjustable from 44" to 55". Nothin' else needed.
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I had a set (from a ski swap) that said "experimental graphite/carbon
composite -not for retail" . I guess they failed the experiment.

The first time I bumped a tree (medium hit) one shattered into
the ugliest shards of sharp tempered metal I ever saw.

I'll stick with slightly heavier medium quality aluminum ones
that can be straightened after hitting something. YMMV
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3 pr DH
3 pr XC
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1 pair for snowshoeing (adjustable length, but never adjusted)
2 pair for cross country (one for BC one for prepared trails)
2 pair for active downhill (one powder, one hardpack)
2 pair from history

Double that to include my wife's equipment.

Add a display pair of antique poles.

Add sundry pairs left by, and recycled to, visitors.

My guess is 25 pairs

The good news is that all poles are neatly in pairs. Break one, toss the other.
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About 6-8 pairs, all alpine. Use 2-3 pair. Race poles, slim graphite and of course the old school Scott plastic grip poles.(sniff)
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I currently have 3 pair.
-My Rossi poles from 5 years abo...I use these most.
-A pair of cheap poles I picked up one time when I forgot to bring mine on a trip...I've used one trip.
-A pair of Goode poles I won in the spring. (I think these will be my new pole of choice.)
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I have tooo many to count, goode poles that I don't like anymore, Scott alum world cups that I don't like anymore, 1 scott composite (that I loved)and 1 leki WC since some fool took an identical set from Mad River Glen this March, and the pair of Scott Composites to replace them, 1 pair of BD adjustable probe poles that I only take backcountry,

AND my latest addition, Swix composite poles that I just bought off Steep and Cheap, just cause I wanted to see what $225 poles felt like.
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I have maybe 10 pairs. All 7075 aluminum except for a pair of stolen rentals. It's only a matter of time before I break them all.
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I counted 39 poles in the garage. We have poles for alpine skiing, poles for xc classic, poles for xc skating (with big and little baskets), xc racing poles made of graphite, boron and kevlar, old bamboo poles, $19.95 Scott poles I patrol with which are all dented up from banging rime frost off the trail signs. I have a pair of poles with ice-axe like picks for self arrest, and my real pride and joy, a pair of fluorescent green Scotts, sawed off and upside down with a grip down on the taper. These poles are just a bit fatter than any other pole and I can stick the bottom of my telescoping touring poles in there and bring them all the way up to 165cm, which I use for randonee tours which involve a long flat stretch of skating to get to the goodies.

I'm not sure why they add up to an odd number.
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personally, when I moved to CO, I took 5 pairs, and left another 6 pairs, and random singles in my parents garage (along with at least 10 pairs of skis - keeping my old skis to some day make an adarondac chair woth my own skis). I think some of my poles disappeared though, I think my brother sniped some.
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2 pairs. (Both several years old. heh.)

Just ordered a third pair though.
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39 pairs of poles!!?

Originally Posted by newfydog
I counted 39 poles in the garage....
OK, now I don't feel so bad! 4 pairs:
-Leki comps from about 12 years ago
-Leki Titaniums that I got last year because they were perfectly balanced and really light, looked so cool, and were on sale for half price, and I figured that I should have a spare pair around anyway
-Lifelink Carbon Pro adjustables, which I just got to replace my Leki Lawisonds that broke. I use these for BC and for hiking.
-an old pair of Swix nordic poles that I really need to replace the broken baskets on.

I keep small baskets on the Leki comps for hard snow days and powder baskets on the Leki Ti's.
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About the funniest thing I ever saw skiing was at a Nastar race
about 20 years ago. In Vermont (somewhere? ) this guy just ahead
of me in the race "explodes out of the starting gate" in an incredible
burst of energy and crashes when turning at the first gate.

The starting official & I burst out laughing. We both looked at his
poles (no baskets) and then down at the base of the start house to
see both basket rings sheared off and were on the ground due to the
excessive energy in the push off.

John in MD
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Ok. Think I should just give these to Phil for "The Uniform"?

Attachment 707
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Originally Posted by ssh
Ok. Think I should just give these to Phil for "The Uniform"?
Dontcha think they go with "the sweater part deux" better than with the lime green.
Phil assures me that this SOS sweater is all the rage
Rumor has it, he found some ski pants to match.(not too sure that sounds like a good thing for me):

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Originally Posted by trekchick
Phil assures me that this SOS sweater is all the rage
Rumor has it, he found some ski pants to match.(not too sure that sounds like a good thing for me):

Yes, it is all the rage ...Ski Pants? Ski Pants?? you don't need no stinkin ski pants!:
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Yes, it is all the rage ...Ski Pants? Ski Pants?? you don't need no stinkin ski pants!:
Uh......I think most resorts have a requirement that I wear some kind of pants
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Originally Posted by trekchick
Uh......I think most resorts have a requirement that I wear some kind of pants
It's more of a guideline...than a rule.
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A quiz: Among my four pairs of poles is one that came from the factory painted day-glo orange, green, red, and yellow, with matching straps and canary yellow handles. Any guesses on the who made this mess and when?
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