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I am going to Argentina from the beginning of August to mid September. Anyone been there? Have any suggestions of where I should go skiing? I want to do some touring and some mountain skiing. If you have been there, know any good books for travelling to take with me, or have any do's and don'ts I would love to hear them.

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Las Lenas has an amazing amount of easily accessed off-area skiing that you can get to by traversing, climbing or skinning. It has a 4,000 vertical lift served mountain and you can hit several 2,500+ vertical faces around the area with only an hour or two hike, or arrange a shuttle and ski off the back and get 4,500 verts. I consider it the biggest screw up of my ski career that I did not take backcountry gear when I went there. If you go make sure that you hit "The Necklace." You just give your passport number to the patrol, they give you a colored sticker for your pass, and the ski area boundaries disappear.

Check the Resorts forum here and the Summits forum on TGR. Here is a link from one of the other Bears to wet your appetite.

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My wife and I spent September and October 2005 in Argentina and Chile downhill and backcountry skiing. You can review our trip reports and photos at Telemarktips and search for my postings "Zap".
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