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Nordica Enforcer

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Has anyone skied the Nordica Supercharger Enforcer?

I have heard of Blower and Ignition reviews, but no one so far has mentioned the enforcer ( 135-98-120) approx
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Bump, I may also be in the market for a pair of these!
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depending what size you want, 185's are all but gone. Nordica under estimated production..move fast.
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I saw them in a shop last week. They look pretty sweet.
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I picked mine up 3 weeks ago. 177 cm, 19m radius, mounted with Solly Z12's. Real light rig.

Total weight: Just under 13 lbs.

Now if Wildcat gets another 3 foot dump this Oct 25, like last year...Oh Yeah......
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sadly, i don't have a need for 'em what with my Mantras and being in the market for the Bros.

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Well I was hoping to get these on forms, but I'm guessing it's too late now if they're nearly gone to the public. Oh well maybe next year, will be nice to hear some feedback on them first anyways!
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