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What are these skis?

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No idea where this thread is to be posted, but this subforum looks better than others....
So, have a look at this link: http://www.jacksonhole.com/mtn.gallery.asp?Dir=Photo%20Of%20The%20Day&Image=0 20406.jpg&Page=5

Now, do you have any idea about what model of skis this guy rips, who is a producer, how it is called?
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Seth Vicious maybe?..
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That's K2 Seth Pistols and yes, that's what they are. They're Seth Morrison's designer skis.

By the way, that's one very red hat that guy's got!
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If is either its a 179 Seth Vicious not a pistol!
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Originally Posted by Herb Gaper
If is either its a 179 Seth Vicious not a pistol!
Yeah I looked at the graphics and you can see the distinctive blue K2 in a circle.. Definetely not pistols but more like vicious..
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You're right. I stand corrected. They're Seth Vicious. Sorry, my bad!
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Another Thought

FWIW - believe I saw a post on TGR where the consensus was that they were Igneous custom topsheets. Just did a brief search though and couldn't locate the link.
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If you check out the K2 website, you'll find the Seth Vicious. It's them (unless Igneous is sampling from K2, which I doubt).
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