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ASC passholders are you renewing?

Poll Results: Are you going to renew (or get a new) pass for 06-07?

Poll expired: May 5, 2006  
  • 76% (10)
    Yes, before 5/2 to get the savings
  • 0% (0)
    Yes, in the fall, I need to see money
  • 23% (3)
    No, it wasn't worth it (or for any reason to say "no")
  • 0% (0)
    Not sure
13 Total Votes  
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Are you gonna renew? Does the higher price have any effect on our thoughts?
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What, did you not vote? Two extra days. Next year I'll sharpen my edges.
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I ski Hunter Mtn. from mid-Nov. until mid-April. I ski Killington from K-opening until Hunter opens. After Hunter closes, I rent a house at K-mart until K closes, been doing it for the last 15 years. I've bought a bronze pass since offered, and before that, I always bought a spring pass when offered. I don't often ski there prime season, maybe 5 or 6 days, but make up for it when I ski there pre and post season. Last year they closed May 15(?) cutting 3 weeks off the end of their usual season. It would be OK if it was due to weather, but last year they scheduled the Memorial Day Triathalon on May 15th, and the June 1st Slalom was scheduled on May 1????. This year they just announced a May 1 closing. As for opening, the difference between K, and Hunter has been none or 1 week the last 2 years.
Ain't worth it for me anymore.....
Not to mention the 12 people I rented that 7 bedroom house with.... Or the 6 bedroom house my friends rented.... That's 26+ Hunter people that used to not miss a weekend in the spring, now only going up 1 or 2 week-ends a spring.....

Think you hit a hot button with me, Phil
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Mt Snow, Killington and Pico...early season and late season...pretty good snow in past years...OK terrain but not great. Only game in town for me and at $365. it gets me out. 1hr to Mt Snow and 1:50hr to K-ton.

I'm in for next year but after that we'll see. It becomes a distraction, causing me not to go to other mountains. I don't really like any of the three.
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I can do a weekend in VT at about the price of 2 separate days in the Catskills. This year, I managed to save money with the pass compared to the next cheapest alternative (tickets through a ski club).
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I am renewing before May 2nd to get the savings as I have to buy four passes so it's quite a savings buying early as much as I hate to.

The gold pass only went up 20 bucks from last year...no big deal

Based on the amount of days I skied this year it came out to $15 a day so it's a tough to deal to beat. Always hit a few non ASC mtns like Stowe, Smuggs and MRG a few times too to keep it interesting.
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Renewed ASC Gold for next season but, unfortunately via Killington before learning how to avoid the tax via Attitash.

Need to pay closer attention to Bear Forums !!!!!

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