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Who makes the best warmers?

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If you have tried hand/foot/body patch-type warmers, which manufacturer (brand name) do you think makes the best?

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Thermabands: heat the blood flow.
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I've never seen a difference other than expiration dates between Grabber MyCoal and Hot Hands. Grabber's dates seem to be before they actually stop working. Hot Hands I've used up the case before they expired. Go for price. Costco, 17.99 for 4 pair of HotHands-2 packs.
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Shill alert .... !!

Please don't burn bandwidth while pushing yer' wax.

This has about as much to do with tuning as teats on a boar hog!
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I sell many more things than wax. I started this thread to find out what people use. I have never used this item and I was considering selling it. If it is in the wrong category and should be moved out of tuning, the moderator is welcome to move it.

I have not "pushed" my wax in any post here. The most I have done is answer questions posed to me.

I am here with the permission of the administrator and I offer discounts to members. I am not sure why you consider anything that I have posted as abuse.

BTW, I host my own site, so I have lots of bandwidth. Thank you for your concern.
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How the heck can you claim that hand warmer questions come under ... Tuning and Maintenance ..... ?

Cut me a freakin break!
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I never said I didn't make a mistake posting it here. My claim is that it was just that, and that it was done with no intent to abuse. I think the level of posts I make in here hardly justify such a reaction.
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