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Sensory test!

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Sensory test! Cool!

I only got 9 out of 20 right. Does that mean I'm Senseless? :
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I also only scored nine. I'm especially bad at the visual stuff.
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10... but its only a test
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Half of my time was spent deciphering how to use the arrows, etc, understanding what they wanted, etc. Yeeha. I'm an idiot.
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Two questions are quite flawed.

If I was a Kennedy, or Cabot or Lodge .... caviar .... get real! :

Pineapple in salad with mayo ... my wife does that occasionally with carrots and rasins! Soy .... who the hell puts that on pineapple?
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Soy and pineapple are two yummy ingredients in my favorite dish: Sweet and Sour chicken!
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