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Originally Posted by JohnH
How about a nice fixed-grip triple?:

One of the things I don't like about a large tram (I think JH's held 120 people?) is that it dumps all of those people onto the hill at the same time, making the slopes feel a lot more crowded.

Bob - you said it has an uphill capacity of about 250/hr. That doesn't make sense, unless the Tram only made one round trip (2 cars to the top) every hour. I would guess it's probably double that, at 250/hr/car, or 500/hr.

By using something like 24, 30 passenger cars, you spread the load and the flow of skiers down the hill becomes more consistant. That gets you just under 750 per lap of the cable (however long that takes)

As far as tracking out the hill faster, if you make 5 runs in 5 hours and the final run is when it all gets tracked out, or if you make 5 runs in 2 hours, and it gets tracked out in 2 hours, what's the difference, except that you have bought some hours in your day to do some crud or groomer skiing, or go home and soak in the hot tub?
52 people per car, 12-14 minute ride time per trip. Keep in mind that when the car is loading at the bottom, the other one is unloading at the top.

So, you have 52 people going up every 12 to 14 minutes. That's a total uphill capacity of plus or minus 250 people per hour.

The rest of your calculation breaks down because the new lift will take three times as many people up the hill in any given amount of time.

Besides that, the tram/gondola/chair/funitel question is already old news.

The NEW big thing is a what to do about a redesigned entrance road into Teton Village from the highway. The county wants to build a ROUNDABOUT instead of a "T" intersection.

Many of the locals are aghast at the prospect.
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters
They're looking at this design as well (which appears to possibly be about the same as the one pictured above):

There are some issues with the amount of space required for both the base and top terminals with these designs. Believe it or not, there is a very limited building envelope for the bottom terminal at JH. That's because the ski corp has sold most of the adjoining property over the years and space is somewhat limited.

Also, the top terminal is a bit touchy because of "ridgetopping". Construction of new facilities on the very summit of public (and private) mountains and ridgetops is getting much more difficult because of environmental concerns about view degredation.

My vague understanding is that the "funitel" lift designs like the ones pictured require quite a lot more in the way of base and top construction
The Funitel you've illustrated (Bouquetin at Val Thorens) is different from many in that the cars are fixed to the cables and go backwards and forwards like a cablecar/tram. This design, which works very effectively, means that the top station is very small - no need for complicated mechanisms. You can see more about this lift at http://www.ski-3vallees.net/valthore.../bouquetin.htm

The fifth photo shows how small and simple the top station is.
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