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A day of firsts

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My girlfriend of over a year (barely, our 1st anniversary was last sunday) and I went skiing for the first time together today. She hadn't skied in about 4 years and only has probably 5 times in her life.

It was so fun to be able to ski with her. She got so much better over the course of the night. At first she basically couldn't turn, she would just wedge her skis and go straight. By the middle she was turning pretty well and even took an easy black (Minnesota black) a bunch of times. I really loved it. Except for being frustrated a few times, she was genuinly enjoying herself. She only fell once or twice and the one time I sprayed her real good and she didn't get mad or anything.

I love her.

I also tried the half pipe for the first time today. I'm a skier, and am always intimidated that I'll suck and everyone will get all pissed off. By my second time down I was gettin some decent air and I even did a 180 (not exactly sure what you'd call it...but where you go up the wall and twist up the hill. I've just been told it's called an allieoop.) Much fun. Much challange. Much intimidation when you're looking straight at a 12' wall in front of you.

I'm sorry most of this is blabber...but I had a great day.

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Goosebumps! Great story, thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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NO, not at all blabber,
being a skier is taking pleasure from little things like those.

I used to say that a pre-requisite for anyone I wanted to be with is to be a skier, but I am with a girl now that I have felt closer to than any other and she hadnt even thought about skis before I met her but I dont care. Good job finding such an even tempered girl who you obviously enjoy being around that you can convince to ski.

Last season I had one day of halfpipe skiing (first and last since we dont have one within three hours) adn I found it enjoyable just riding up the walls and leanign into the carvesback down, which makes you even with ground , getting air is good too.

Generally, my point is [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Congrats on the breakthroughs for both you and your GF..
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aaawwwwww... that is such a nice story. good for you and your gf. we should all be so lucky [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i am a nerd...too many things goingon at the same time, edit edit edit...sorry [img]smile.gif[/img]

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You vill keep zis drivel HERE! You do not bring zis drivel here http://forum.powdermag.com/cgi-bin/u...c;f=1;t=015962

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Heh, havin a real fun time over on powder...wow...

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You mean people from Epicski actually post at that OTHER forum? :
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And the funny thing about it is that they use the nickname over there too. At the very least I would wear dark glasses and a trench coat!!
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Originally posted by Karsten Hain:
You mean people from Epicski actually post at that OTHER forum? :
Ja, I starded here on zee ga..., i mean, epicski und moved over to ze podermag forum since moderating is gay.
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Why do I get the idea that Arny might drive something a little "oversized"?
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I seem to recall you are having a little moderator-related distress over there on the maggot board
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