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New Ski's - Binding Opinions?

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I recently purchased a pair of new Volant T3 Epics (180cm), undrilled and ready for mounting and tuning!

I'm 5'10", 245lbs, an aggressive advanced to expert skier that likes the steeps, groomers, on & off-piste, powder and some of the bumps. I learned to ski in the east (ice) and have migrated to Colorado over the past few years. On average, I'll ski 30 days.

So, here are my questions:

1 - Volant's aren't system ski's so any binding will do...or so I've been told. Therefore, I've been looking at the Salomon 912 TI, Look PX 12/14 TI and the Marker 1200 TI. At this point, all that differentiates them in my mind, is price. Anyone have any other thoughts?

2 - Ideally, I'd like to have these mounted so that I can share my ski's with buddies...can any of these be 'demo-mounted' and if not, any thoughts on bindings that meet the specs of the above that can?

3 - Finally, I went to my local ski-store yesterday and the "ski manager" (new guy, never met before) told me that demo bindings aren't sold to the general public because of the liability issues associated with untrained public users adjusting the bindings. I've never heard of this before but he said it with such authority that it sounded true.

OK, any thoughts on any of the above and/or any good suggestions are more than welcomed and thanks - from a newbie!
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1. I would go as light of a binding asyou can on those. A Solomon 850Ti or an Alium.
2. Let your buddy get his own skis
3. Not selling demo bindings to the public is more a guideline than a rule. I personally wouldn't want a demo binding do to its extra weight and more unneeded mechanics.
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What binding to buy? That's the easiest way to start an fight in this forum.

I wouldn't use a demo binding either. They're heavy and come with some weird delta angles sometimes. Other than that, I would say go with the best deal with a binding with a DIN range appropriate for your weight and don't worry.

I use Tyrolia/Fischer mostly because for years Tyrolia had some of the best prices and they've always worked for me. I continue to buy them or their Fischer branded twins although they seem closer in price these days to their competitors. Both Head/Tyrolia and Fischer have a "Rail-Flex" mounting system with a plate and bindings that you can adjust for any length boot in just a couple of minutes. However, the plate will cost extra and your freinds may not be as caring about your skis as you.

If you have a lot of time to spend do a search here on the subject. You will find a multitude of opinions on why each of the major brands are really great or really suck.

Welcome to Epic Ski.
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