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Free Canyons Tickets

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I've got some tickets for the canyons tmrw that I got through their season pass rewards program happy to part w/ them and get a group together for last day. Let me know. I prob. have 3-4, first come first served..
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Oh, and we'll meet up at 10 outside ticket office near top of Cabriolet. I'll be wearing black helmet and checkered goggles. Plaease don't respond unless you know you can make it...
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I'll be at the easter egg hunt at 11 AM.

I can't make it there by 10. I was just going to go for a half day after the easter egg hunt anyway.

So if you see a guy with a soccer ball hat & a sugar-buzzed 4-year-old girl, that's me.
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If I don't get any responses I'll let you know -- perhaps I can leave one at the ticket office or something.
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btw conditions got really grippy around 1 but there was plenty of good snow if a bit slushy.
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