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the dreaded day

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Its that day again.The day i dreaded the most.The day to end all days.

Today is the day i put my ski equipment away, the day i give the skiis the end of season wax and put off to the side untill november.I did ski 4/5-4/9 and I could travel to vermont and get another day of slushin in but its been a good season.Not great but i reached a new season high of 68 days , wife got in 50,and i can say we are beat.Mountain bikeing will start after a few weekends of yard work and chores .But its a real sad day in the Guido house.Its the first weekend we had to sleep in"stayed in bed until 730" and we are in the middle of getting the dining room table cleared off.The house is in shambles and will take a couple weekends to get into shape.So i hope to ski with some of ya next year and will still be surfin the forum but it wont be the same until next fall.

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I feel your pain! Even though my season is not over just yet, this is the first weekend since November 11, 2005 that I've been home! Even with an 11 a.m. tee-time, I didn't know what to do with myself between the time I awoke and the time I left for the course...

for Tuckerman & Killington!
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I just taped up my Stocklis for the long trip home. tape em so they don't move, and the edges don't cut up my clothes. They still have the factory tune on them, I've used them all season, and the damn edges cut me today when putting on their storeage wax.
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Back to Oz ant? First dustings of the season last week and starting to get cooler. After a short trip to Japan in February, it all starts again in three months for me. Ahh! The endless winter.
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Ant--that is quite a comment on Stocklis. I'm impressed.
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I wasn't impressed!!!! bloody hell. I was going to have both skis tuned by the local grumpy Pole, but forgot. and damn me, if the rotten things aren't still sharp as. No hacksaw feel, no peel-over of edges. Just this sneaky paper cut.
I knew the race skis have this harder metal in their edges, but this is ridiculous. So I taped them shovel to tail.
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I started working on my crappy corvette but it's just no the same. I haven't even put the skis away. They're waiting by the front door, giving me that look. I didn't even get to do any spring skiing.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been keeping the skis by the front door "just in case." It musta been about 80 degrees here today : . I'm going to have to face reality or buy a ticket westward.
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Not intending to rub salt in a wound, but...

Baker had 23" yesterday and another 12" last night... Snow depth (measured) is 210".

Being a former East Coaster, all I can say is go west, go west.

and considering our season last year, I'm not making fun here. All respectful.
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brought my eqpt home from work yesterday (Winter Park); worked yesterday and didn't get much skiing in (like most days).

Heading to the basin tomorrow, where I get to see what's it like to just ski with my friends, again.
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