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Vote for the 2004 Gathering Location

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The vote will poll the registered members preference for the location of the 2004 Gathering.
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the above is NOT childish. just APPEARS to be. grow up, everyone.


CAN you?

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but your Honor, my theme of the case is NOT res ipsa loquitur

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I'm sorry, but I just can't help but ask...

If "Someplace Else" ends up beating out *both* Jackson Hole and Snowbasin/Snowbird, does that mean we're all going to Milton Keynes?


I hear the beer's very good there.
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Well people, for me my "someplace else" vote means somewhere in Colorado, for obvious reasons that I have stated before. On the other hand, like I have said, it's the people who make the gathering, not the ski area.

Has anyone ever taken a poll on where the most Bears live? Utah? Colorado? California? Ohio? New York?

What place will give us the biggest chance to have the most people show up?

Factors: Variety of Terrain, Not everyone will want to ski the same terrain but will want to at some point in time.

Costs, Probably the biggest factor for most of us who are honest enough to admit.

Conditions, The snow factor, it's up to Mother Nature but who has the most consistent conditions?

Ease of getting there, The more Airlines a city handles, the cheaper the Airfare, same with car rental.

The whole success of the Gathering depends on all of the above and they're eaqually important factors in deciding where to have it. Can't keep everyone happy. It's like going on Vacation with a bunch of people, if you asked fifteen different people where they wanted to eat, ten would have a different place in mind. Someone will be unhappy reguardless.

All I can say is I know for a fact that i'll be in Colorado at least two times this Winter and more than likely a third time. My chance of making a Gathering in Colorado would be almost a guarantee. Anywhere else would be a bonus trip and extra cost that would be hard for me to swallow, let alone make time for. So, my choice would be somewhere in Colorado. Any place but Winter Park. And to let you know, I never paid more than $26 for a pass at Copper, so deals can be had.
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When the location for ESA II was announced, I was excited about arranging to go. Then when I heard the gathering was to follow, it sounded like a great combined trip.

Now, dozens of mean-spirited and petty posts in several threads later, my enthusiasm is gone. I hope you guys can salvage a decent time out of all this, but I am returning to my cave and to "lurk" mode. I think I'll have a better time away from all this silliness.

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Choosing a location that has alternatives, rates pretty high with me. SLC hac 7 nearby resorts if traffic, weather or an event happens to make one resort less attractive. Tahoe has similar characteristics, but the snow tends to be heavier.

With a $44 room rate near the base of the canyon, public transportation that costs $5 roundtrip to 4 of the 7 ski areas and a brew pub within walking distance of the motel, what else do lowlifes like me need to say we are living the dream?
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Originally posted by ryan:
grow up, everyone.
What Ryan said.

If I am forced to play baby sitter and disciplinarian for EpicSki while I'm on vacation in South America I can just about guarentee that my punitive decisions will be excessive and disproportionally extreme for any given forum policy violation. So please just show respect each other and discuss what is, after all, something we are all doing for FUN.

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Well I was against the poll and the results are pretty much what I expected. 57 people have responded to the poll and we have never had more than 25 people show up ever for a Gathering. Heck I don’t even think they had more than 25 for the ESAI.

What do the results mean? Will the committee follow the results of the poll? Well not a whole lot and no we will not follow the results of the poll.

The poll was an exercise in futility. We don’t know who voted or why. We don’t even know if the people who voted care about the Gathering. What we care about are people getting involved leading the way. We are looking for a cohesive ski experience that will be remembered. We are looking for the ski crazies that will show up anywhere to ski for four days and socialize together all night.

I don’t draw much from the poll although I will keep it open until we close discussion on the Gathering. After that I will be consulting with AC, Alta and Mike. After conferring with them we hope to have a decision to ski someplace together and wait for people to show up.

Thank god this is the last year for this nonsense. If you don’t go to the Gathering this year you will have no vote. I have promised AC to stay on as Committee Chair for at least one more year to get things back on track. I will come loaded to “Bear” on the night of the next vote for ’05. In fact, I have begun research in to:

1.North Lake Tahoe
2.Panorama, BC/Kicking Horse
3.Crystal Mt., WA
4.Telluride, Co
5.Taos, NM

But for this year we should think about the ski experience that we can all have together and what we can do to make it better. I’m trying to get a pair of Head Skis to give away as a prize this year. Every event needs some swag!!! What can you folks do?

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I don't think the poll is futile. Don't you think that as Epic grows more bears will want to attend? Don't judge past attendance on what may happen this year. I voted Snowbasin and I'm interested in JH. I may not attend no matter where the Gathering is held. I normally don't make decisions on ski trips 'til fall but given the opportunity to voice my preference, I will. Sorry if this isn't to everyone's liking. The fact is, as much as I would like to meet and ski with the Bears, Epic or even skiing is not my entire life and many things must fall into place for me to attend either. Ask Gonz about intentions and reality.

So folks, calm down, take a drink, pop a prosac, self medicate, chill. There should be no conflict between ESA and Gathering, don't create one. For those of us that travel great distances and spend far more then we should, it would be nice if both were close by. If not, fine. I will make my decision which to attended based on affordablity. Right now, the Gathering is more attractive because there is no extra coaching fees. If additional travel expense to Gathering are as such that both cost the same, then I may choose the ESA. It all depends on your final decision, so decide and allow the rest of us to do the same.

I do appreciate your efforts to herd cats, as the popular saying goes. If I could definately commit every year, I'd like to try my hand at cat herding. Thanks for your patience and effort. Apart from these electronic backslaps, it will be a thankless job until we all meet, ski and party on.
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I would like to say that I think this poll does have some validity. If this forum is about inclusion, the thoughts of everyone willing to share in a rational manner should count. For many of us, the dreams of summer will turn to disappointment when conficts keep us away from some of the planned events; but summertime 'dreaming' is part of what this group is all about. Many of us that didn't get to make last years events asked for more feedback and I think that is a reflection of the fact that we ALL feel included whether we attend or not.

Circumstances may sort things out to low attendance levels at some events this year, but that certainly doesn't mean it can't be a HUGE event here on the forum. I really think a spirit of inclusion rather than exclusion can go a long way toward building the comraderie that has waned in the past few weeks. .... And we will all need to thank those folks that do attend the events, and do the planning and sacrifice that it takes to make an event that we all share in, whether present or not.

Voting in a poll such as this can be a valuable way of building an inclusive culture on this board!

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Originally posted by feal:

Voting in a poll such as this can be a valuable way of building an inclusive culture on this board!

Alternatively, it can be a way for people who have absolutely no intention of attending the Gathering to "mess" with the process. Just for fun. And then sit back and chuckle at the ensuing turmoil.

Almost no one took advantage of the very easy process for nominating prospective sites when originally requested. Now, in the poll that so many people asked for, "Someplace Else" is running ahead of the resorts that were actually nominated. What in the world kind of message is that supposed to send to the selection committee and what are they supposed to do with the "information"??? :


Come to think of it, I *really* wish that our last presidential election ballot had included a "Somebody Else" option.
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That is exactly what I was referring to.

...If this is an exclusive event only for the reigning elite, so be it. If not, learn to deal with the inevitable fact of having conflict within the ranks. If properly handled, it can be a handy tool for building unity within the entire group!

Go ahead and take the role of ignoring the other guy, and see just how far it gets you!!! Anyone who takes on the role of a leader here is in many ways making the rest of the group his 'customers'. I don't know of any business that has ever succeeded by saying they wanted their customers' input, and then told them it was worthless.


P.S. - I read the poll results a little differently. -- To me the results show there is a 50% bias towards the convenience of the Salt Lake City sites; a point that was center stage at the onset of discussion, but overshadowed by many trying to deliver their respective ideas.

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Probably a case of "a day late and a dollar short," but since many seem to agree that this should have been decided at the 2003 Gathering, we could have simply done the following a couple weeks ago:

1. Figure out who was there
This would have been the most unpleasant task, but there weren't that many people present (25-35?), and it’s pretty easy to remember who was at the Friday morning breakfast, the Friday evening dinner at the Porcupine, and the first two days at Alta and Snowbird—-plus there are several threads immediately following the Gathering and plenty of photos.

2. Send them a nomination form enclosed in a PM

3. Request that they nominate one of our two final choices:
SLC or JH (not individual mountains within SLC and absolutely NO “someplace else” option)

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Where were you when I needed you?
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I just want to ski a day & have a discussion of Relativistic thought with Sean

Been trying for 3 years. we'll see if it happens..........

Jackson, you did SLC.

Was I there?!? thats a good question
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