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2006 Ripstick as Adult League Race ski???

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I race in a small adult race league that is not real competitive. Just a bunch of guys getting together for the fun of it more than the competition to run a short GS style course in the Midwest. I just race on my Metrons (M-11) now but would like to have something a little stiffer. I don't want a pure race ski like and RC-4 or GSX because I would like to use them for my everyday skiing once in a while.

Of those of you who have skied or have great knowledge of the Ripsticks, would these be a decent ski for a brew league ski? I am 5'9, 235. There are some of these floating around at end of the year prices and they seem like a good ski. If not these, what might you suggest?



PS. I have read the reviews of the Ripstick here and talked to a couple of people on the mountain with them.
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I own a pair. They are amazing on all conditions at all speeds. I have taken fast turns and long carvers in ice, powder, moguls, mush and everything inbetween, I reccomend these skis. Maybe a 178?
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A Ripstick in a 178cm sounds good. You might also consider a Fischer Worldcup SC in a 165cm. The Ripstick has a 16 meter turn radius while the Fischer WC SC has a 12 meter turn radius. The tighter turn radius is better for Midwest club racing.

http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=fischerwcsc2 006&Category_Code=fi&Product_Count=3

I'm your size and use a Fischer WC RC and they are awesome carving & racing skis.


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I'm 250, and demo'd the ripstick at 178. I would not recommend it for racing. With one sheet of titanium, I found the shovel was too soft.
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Thanks for the replies! Still considering what I want to look for.

What about an Atomic SX B5 for beer league racing?

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I also own the Ripstick in 178 and agree with SkiStarr90 - they are a whole lot of fun in all conditions. But at 235 lbs, I think you'd want something a little stiffer for racing.
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Fischer WC RC

I'll second this suggestion. Super stable, great edgehold and easy to bend.
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What are the competetive guys in your league skiing on? How tight is the set? For our series here, a slalom ski would be a bad idea, mayeb it would work for other series. For an inbetween kind of ski, you might want to check out the Head XRC 1200 SW.
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Fischer RC4 WC RC. Recently I gave a discussion on how great these skis are, so it is safe to say that if I were racing in a club league that set tight(er) GS courses that this would unconditionally be my weapon of choice (unless I could score a Stockli Laser Cross Pro). The RC is stiff, but due to the huge sidecut you don't really notice the stiffness. Also as a result of the above factors it gets rebound that few "modified" GS skis could ever hope to obtain. At your size the 180 should be fine for you if the courses are going to be tight. It hink the radius for that length is 18m or so...
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