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FYI (I received this email ....):

Dear friends,

Please delete if this doesn't interest you, and my apologies for the group email.

We are having a Warehouse Clearance Sale next week that will put every sale we've done before to shame. See info below. This sale will have more of everything - basically anything you see on our website will be in this sale, not just samples/seconds, etc. We're making room for new items for next season and need room in the warehouse so for this sale everything is 50% or more off.

Friday a.m will be crazy busy with lines around the building, so if you're hunting for the best selection, come early but be prepared. If you want to shop a more relaxed setting try picking off hours on Saturday/Sunday or middle of the work day Friday. We will be restocking the floor all weekend so good selections will be available the entire weekend.

Don't forget to tell your friends, coworkers, enemies. This sale is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. So please feel free to share this with friends/co-workers.

Hope to see you there!



GoLite's Semi-Annual

Warehouse Clearance Sale!

3 Days Only!

Friday, April 21 [8am - 8pm]
Saturday, April 22 [9am - 5pm]
Sunday, April 23 [9am - 5pm]

50% - 75% Off


Location of the sale:

GoLite Headquarters
6325 Gunpark Drive
Boulder, CO 80301
- directions < der,+co+80301> -