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Skis for my son

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I thinking of grabbing some end of season skis for my son. He's 18 years old and has been skiing since he was 5. He is 5' 9" and weighs 140 pounds. I don't know what level he is but it is quite advanced. He learned to ski at Taos and has skied the ridge there for years. He skis everything at Mary Jane. He has had extensive lessons, including teen ski weeks at Taos. He has no interest in racing. He prefers the steeps with soft snow and loves steep moguls. Most, if not all, of his skiing will be limited to Taos and various areas in Colorado.

We're looking at the Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous in a 170. Based on our research, that seems to be about the perfect ski for where he skis and his style. We're also considering the Fischer RX 6. He skis in Salomon X-Wave 8 boots. We won't be able to demo skis this late in the year and I'm not sure it would matter. As an 18 year old used to rental skis, he has never found a ski he didn't like. He thinks they're all good.

We welcome your advice. Thanks.
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The Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous and the Fischer RX6 are both great skis, but very different in how they respond to snow conditions.

The Hot Rod Nitrous better fits the discription of "steeps with soft snow" while the RX6 would be better on moguls. Everything considered, I would go with the Hot Rod Nitrous for its float in soft snow over the carving strength of the RX6. I would probably reverse the preferance if you skied in New England, but for Taos and Colorado a wide ski like the Hot Rod Nitrous is better. Consider a 170cm and not longer.


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If he's going to be skiing in Colo etc., you might want to consider getting some fatter skis for him, especially if he loves to look for powder. Maybe PEs might fit the bill, or Karmas
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