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Seeking opinions: Salomon 2v Race vs. Atomic GS:11M

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Greetings from a forum newbie,

I am looking at taking advantage of end of season deals on either the Salomon 2v Race or the Atomic GS:11M. I am not a racer but I am an expert skier.

Lately, it seems that people are quick to criticize Salomon but I have always loved mine and have had good luck with them.

Any opinions on either?

Opinions on the companies' products in general are also appreciated. It's been about 3 years since I bought skis.

Also, if anyone knows the true sidecuts and turning radiuses for both models, please post. The specs vary on the Internet and since I live in Southern California, there aren't any shops nearby that stock high-end skis.

Last, any recommendations on where to buy?

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I have skied neither. Sorry. However I have skied a fair number of atomics and Salomons.

I find there is a big difference between the Top-shelf Salomons and the lower down ones, with the dividing line seeming to be at the Equipe. The 2V is above that. To me, the top level Salomons are good skis if you don't weigh over about 170 lbs. They have good hold, good torsional rigidity. They tend to have a softer flex, so might be better on softer snow. They also have a light quick feeling to them. Compared to eqivalent skis from atomic I have found on hardpack that I can push the atomics to higher speeds before stability becomes a problem.

The atomics feel much solider. Indeed even lower level atomics will "feel" more stable at speeds where both are skiable, but the salomon will be able to push it past the point where the more stable feeling lower level atomic gives up the ghost. The atomics also tend to have a stiffer longitudinal flex, so if you are heavy the atomic should be your choice.

Salomon GS skis are usually much cheaper than the atomic GS skis. It seems everybody wants the Atomics and there are few takers for the Salomons.

I would say if you weigh under 160 lbs buy salomon, more than 180 buy atomic, but I haven't skied either. Consider my advice a seed to get others (with experience) talking about why one over the other.

BTW there's a cheap pair of Salomon SGs calling me, but I don't think I can buy any more skis right now.
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What year and plates are we talking about here? There's about a half dozen varieties of 2V race skis floating around...
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Thanks Mr. Ghost. I am 6' and weigh about 188lbs.

To real9999. Both Salomons and Atomics would be 05/06 but if I can find some GS12s, I might go after them.

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2planker - i just got a pair of gs:11's from ski-depot.com.
$499.00, 183cm, 24m radius, world cup plate, cheap shipping ($30 from maine to alberta)
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I've skied both GS11 in 181 (the black-red titanium model) and 10 2V LAB (race pilot plate) in 180, 2003/2004 model, so completely different skis than the 2005/2006.
I liked them both, just the Solly felt like a more fun, better handling ski, the Atomics are more stable and damp. I just loved the rebound and agility of the Sollys, also the edgehold was surprisingly good (maybe it's because they were the LAB kind, I never tried the "normal" ones, this might potentially be important, since you hear a lot of praise on the LABs and much less on the other models), the Atomics were more solid, less playful, all business.
Overall I felt like I skied better on the Sollys but since I don't race anymore, I don't have times to compare. You won't go wrong with either but with your weight I'd definitely buy the LAB if I were to buy Salomon. Better yet, go try them out before you buy.
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I agree with the Lab Salomon recommendation. It skis differently than the regular 2V.
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Originally Posted by the2planker
Thanks Mr. Ghost. I am 6' and weigh about 188lbs.

To real9999. Both Salomons and Atomics would be 05/06 but if I can find some GS12s, I might go after them.

You're probably fine on either ski. I'ved skied about everything Atomic puts out, including the 11M, but not Salomons. I'm partial to Atomic, however. The chances are that what you're looking at are the GS 11Ms with the non-FIS legal 19-meter sidecut. The FIS legal have a different construction, less sidecut, and are really for the GS course only. The 19-meter sidecut skis (I just sold two pairs) are great free skiers as well as in the course.

I'm not great at doing links in Forums, so see what I had to say re the GS12s elsewhere in this Forum. Numbers like $499 are about what you're going to see for GS 11 Ms right now. By the time the 12s are generally available in the fall, GS 11Ms will be going for peanuts...if there are any left...
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I owned a pair on Salomon EQ10-2V until I bent them last March. I then went out and bought the 04 Atomic GS11 (the red and black ones). skied them until I bent them this March. neither had a race plate on them, and the Salomon was a 190, while the Atomic was a 176. I thought they both skied fairly similar, perhaps the Atomic was a bit livelier could be due to the size, but both were very stable, with incredible edge grip. Don't worry about the bending thing, I bend most of my skis....
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Salomon and Atomic GS

For an "apples to apples" comparison, my comments here are limited to the race stock versions of both skis. My experience is with the Salomon GS LAB skis from 05-06 in a 175 (19.2m) with a sidecut of 110/66/93 and 181 (22.8m) with a sidecut of 106.5/66/89.5. My Atomic experience, altough limited, is with the GS 11 from 05-06 in a 183 (24m) with unknown dimensions.

My impressions: Of all of the skis, the ones with the most universal appeal to me (5'10", 185lbs and a masters / beer league racer) were the 181 Salomon GS Labs. I found these skis to be forgiving enough to ski at non-race speeds and still consistently carve the ski. They felt damp and responsive and seemed to "pull" you into the turn with the broad tip. At race speeds, the skis were a plesure; damp, quick, and easy to make recoveries with (a feature that I unfortunately require). The 175 GS Lab is a ski intended for J3s (I think) and is an absolute hoot to ski. It turns easily and is much softer than its 181cm brother. Skiing with my family was a blast and I could do anything I wanted with the 175. At race speeds, the 175 didn't give me the stable platform that I became accustomed to with the 181, nor should it. I had a race this season when I brought out the 175 and the 181 to do a side-by-side comparison and the 175 lacked the stability and across the hill pop that I enjoy. The times reflected the shortcomings and the 181s were much faster.

the Atomic product is also fantastic. I had only a few runs on the ski on the hill and then a couple in the course. I felt that this ski was a "race only" kind of a ski. It was difficult for me at slow speeds. In the race course, I noticed that I needed to be going a bit faster to really lay the ski over and get it to carve. I would attribute this to the overall stiffness and, I suspect, a narrower tip(can't confirm the tip dimension). At full race speed, the ski was really nice; stable, great edge hold, etc. all of the stuff a race ski needs to be.

So the conclusion seems to be:
fast free skiing: 175 Salomon,
just about everything: 181 Salomon,
winning races:183 Atomic.

I hope the above was helpful.

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Originally Posted by 2-turn
Don't worry about the bending thing, I bend most of my skis....
Do you use em all in bumps?
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Originally Posted by mikey_10
Do you use em all in bumps?
sometimes, but I somehow can bend a ski on a groomer also. Whenever I told anyone who should know that I bent an Atomic, they have all told me that's a hard thing to do, so it's obviously not the ski.
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