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1. Didn't ski much the past 15 years in MN. 12,000' in CO made me realize I'm not a teenager anymore. Have to be in shape and am inspired to exercise daily (knees keep up please).

2. Take days off after powder dumps next year. Plan to be more flexible in my schedule.

3. Drink lots of water before making the trip from 4,700' to 12,000'

4. Ski more next year, work on technique as can't depend on youthful energy & flexibility to get me out of trouble.
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That's easy: "Left-tip-left/Right-tip-right," courtesy of Rusty Guy & Bob Barnes!

Alternative answer: I'm too old and too darn good to learn anything new!

2nd alternative answer: Don't drop your skis while getting on a gondola!

3rd alternative answer: 'Freestyle' is bumps; 'freeride' is terrain park big air!

4th alternative answer: A well-designed, well-fitting helmet is actually more comfortable than a ski hat.

Final answer: Sugarloaf, ME has every right to vie for the title of 'Best In The East'!
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[quote]Originally posted by Jane:
[QB]...its been an epic season.
1) Holy carumba Jane,whatcha been smokin'?
Guess You've never had a reason to make
it to NewEngland this season eh'!

2) SPEED CONTROL (Everywhere!!)
** Thanks to everyone in those threads.
You all know who you are...and
getting the finishing touches ironed
out on my footbeds...I'll tell ya',
it leaves one feeling truely like
CLARK KENT...one minute in the car..
one minute in the closet..changing,
then he emerges...>AS..SUPERMAN!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by HaveSkisWillClimb:
[1) Holy carumba Jane,whatcha been smokin'?
Guess You've never had a reason to make
it to NewEngland this season eh'!


yeh I talk to the trees too
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I decided I would rather have quality than quantity.

You can't make someone love skiing.
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Kneale and Weems,

Your comment on learning how to better utilize your new inside leg/ski seem to be very much in line with what HH has (at least in part) been advocating since he started with his "PMTS approach." Now I do not view myself as a follower of any particular school of thought and I am not trying to argue ski instruction politics, dogma, or uniqueness. I point this out to say that if people of your experience are still learning about this then it implies to me that the merit of incorporating a focus on efficient and effective use of the inside ski at the earliest stage of instruction needs to be better emphasized.
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This season I learned one VERY important thing... Skiing on nothing other than groomed hardpack can really pooch your attitude as well as your skiing. i'm going to Colorado next week and get some on me!!!

Spag :
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Time to replace my trusty L10’s with a pair of T1’s – free your heal and free your mind.

I love the solitude of the backcountry.

Short skis can be fun.

How to ski with a girl.

How lucky I am to have a great quality of life and able to live and ski in Colorado.
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I lost a Vary good friend in a freak skiing accident this year at Aspen Highlands. The lession I learned is this. It's really not all that important how fast You ski, or How well you ripped some bumps or How much vertical you bagged in a day.Whats really important about skiing is how much you laughed and shared with your friends, while you ripped the bumps or bombed a run or clocked a days vertical.
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Just to let y'all know, I've made a note of who said they need to stay in better shape, and I'll be comin' after ya'! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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git after 'em, LM!

heh [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Exactly. The inside ski work is critical, and has become especially critical since the advent of the new skis.

And Harb did not discover this independently of every else.

Also, the ability for the inside ski to add to the mix has been enhanced.

And even more yes, this is one of the attractions and advantages of Harb's system, and I credit him with the increased use of the term "little toe side" as a part of this mix.

I believe that Harald's version of this is not quite what I like, nor what I do. It's a small distinction, but for me an important one.

As for learning it this season, what one learns each year are nuances that seem very dramatic, but are actually small changes.

Do you know the 80-20 rule? 80% of correction or improvement is perceived of as 20% benefit. However the last 20% of correction is perceived of as an 80% benefit.
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Add me to the list Lisamarie! I gained 30 pds since last summer, got the flu in Jan which took what bit of strengh I had left. Quickly learned you can't ski if you're out of shape. Weaker and fatter is BAD!!!

So I've packed away the skis and headed to the gym just to get a base going. Need to add some aero and wobble board too. Plan to be SuperStrong Gapper come the Fall!!!

I'm thinking a "downhillers butt" will help both on the slopes and at Apres ski too. he he he
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Okay! Y'all head to Health and Fitness for Skiing, right now! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's not a good idea to fall on your face while wearing sunglasses.

Be nice, be very very nice, to your knees. Spoil them, pamper them, tell them how much you love and need them.

Stop and help gather up scattered hats, googles, skis, and poles. Try not to spray snow on the person who fell while you are trying to stop and help.

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If I'm not falling, I'm not learning, cause I'm not pushing my comfort zone.

I need to learn to fall better.

I skied a lot of days this year, and not one of them was on real snow. It was all man-made snow and as hard as an oak floor. I learned more on that than in 6 years of decent snow. I am not scared of ice any longer, even on a mid-west black run, however, I don't remember how to ski on snow, and the re-learning should be fun!

Yes, it does suck to lose your ski partner to a torn ACL.

Poles have a purpose.

I am glad to have found this site, even if I feel like a beginner. I can learn from everyone. THANKS!

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You can get good enough in your skiing to need another sport to get you in shape. I skied 6 days a week this winter and gained 10 lbs. I now must look for some way to get into shape.

Don't try something totally new unless you are in shape.

The length of ski that I like, is directly porportional to the amount of vertical the mountain has to offer. On a bunny bump I like around 160cm, on a western mountain I like 184cm.

Bears are a bit more honest about their skiing than the general public.

I do not suffer much from altitude sickness. I barely noticed any sickness out west at Copper.

Gravity is my friend, always trust it. I found myself stuck above a rock band cliff with no way out except step back up about 50' of vertical or huck the cliff. I looked down and that was bad. I looked up and that was worse. I hucked the cliff, it was over quick without the torture of the climb.

Before a lesson, sum up for your customer what your understanding of their goals really are. Your customer will be more appreciative of your efforts. Doing so has an added benefit, in that, your customer often does not really know what their goals are. A summary gets both parties thinking alike.
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