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What did you learn skiing this year?

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This question has come up before, but as I spent what looks to be my last weekend at Mammoth, and hearing that the local hills are closing this week, I get a bit retrospective. Here are a few things that I learned about skiing and how it changed a bit for me. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

(1) "Shaped Skis" are still great! Especially when you finally get the technique right (at least I think so!).
(2) Wide skis rule. Short and wide skis rule even more!
(3) I can ski a 184 and love it. Who said that length mattered anyhow?
(4) Salomon's work as well as Marker's, but weigh much less.
(5) I can co-exist with snowboarders on my slopes.
(6) The thrill of catching air never gets old.
(7) Twin-tips should have been around when I was 16-years old.
(8) I finally get the whole "half-pipe" thing. I can ride it now, too.
(9) Patrolling is a lot of work. I might do it someday, but not next year. [img]smile.gif[/img]Those guys and gals deserve a lot of credit.
(10) After yet one more season of aches, pains and dislocations (ouch!!), I cannot wait to get my next day in on the slopes!
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One word: Courage!
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listen and play.

Try everything at least once.

Try it with your eyes closed.

Try it on one ski.

Be patient.

Show your passion and have fun
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1) Skiing is a lot more fun shared with others, unless I'm working on specific skills -- then solo works better
2) Improved short quick turns a lot
3) More upright and forward stance than last year - works better. Still struggling to keep hands in front.
4) Realized I'm no longer intimidated by black/double black terrain - not that I can ski them particularly well, but I can ski them more relaxed than last year
5) Still can't ski bumps but can kind of manage to get through them - next year's goal!
6) Need to be in better shape next ski season
7) I started using my Camelback and drinking frequently - just like when biking I fatigue less
8) I'm getting better at pressuring the inside ski in PNW powder and crud
9) I never did outgrow my Volkl G20 skis I started on last year - when I went back to them out of curiousity this year, I realized they were just fine, the "problems" that led to my purchasing new skis were with the skier not the ski.
10) I started developing a sensitivity for my boot fit and needed two rounds of add'l work - they're getting close to right
11) I'm glad the ski season is not year-round. I need a break
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1) 6mths of 3 times a week at the gym before skiing helps a huge amount
2) Black runs are nothing to be afraid of (echoes of LM & darrellcraig here) - a steeper slope just means a slower line
3a) I still really hate T-bars
3b) Agree with your friends in advance where to meet when you fall off the T-bar
3c) Some sadist created the route from Thyon to Verbier to include 5 (yes, 5) T-bars in a row before the mild variety of a button lift and finally the luxury of a chairlift and cable car.
4) A sequence of perfectly carved turns feels terrific - next year's goal is to have more carving less braking.
5a) Skiing in bright sunshine and mild temperatures is more fun than driving snow and -20 C.
5b) Sitting on a stopped chairlift for 10 minutes is no fun at all in driving snow at -20 C.
5c) A balaclava is a good idea. So is a funicular railway.
5d) Vin chaud is often cheaper than hot chocolate but don't have too many at lunchtime.
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1. Skiing in the rain is actually fun. You have to live in the North East to develop an appreciation.
2. Tied to # 1. Gortex is Great!
3. Any snow sport is good as long as it keeps the area open so I can ski.
4. Carvings is not the answer to everything. Skidding is a must in bumps.
5. Balence is Key to all. Try skiing with your boot buckels/power strap completley undun for awhile. (Make sure you tighten before you get on lift.)
6. Edges don't require using a file every week. Using a diamond stone weekly is enough. (Another NE thing!)
7. Bases should be stone ground once a season.
8. Steep is relative.
9. There is never enough snow.
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I learned that I better move out of hte Mid-Atlantic if I ever expect to have a decent season.

I only got out twice this year - that's the fewest number of times EVER for me!!!

Here's hoping for a snow filled season in the Mid-Atlantic next year...
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A great year in spite of the relative shortage of natural snow fall. And I go for a week to the Rockies for spring corn. Leaving tomorrow!

What did I learn this year?
1) Carve the bumps,Turn early, don't slam the troughs. (It's an age thing)
2) Turn to go somewhere. Let the skis take you where you want to go.
3) In the woods, don't go where someone else did, pick a new line.
4) keep my hands in view
5)skiing fast with a toboggon is a blast.
6) patrol is great fun, a big responsibility,
offers great rewards (early and late in the day especially) and you sweat a lot.
7) gravity is my friend

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1. Teach less and let the mountain be my teaching partner.
2. Getting to know my students name and motivations is more important.
3. When the skier smiles with understanding, that doesn't not mean, "Give me the next step".

4. Powder days are really, really cool. Dont' take them for granted!

5. Nothing like skiing with good friends and good skiers on a Powder day.

6. New instructors need alot of assistance, keeping their teaching and skiing on track. They pick up poor teaching habits and phrasing very easily.

Be a friend before you are a teacher.

Best Regards,
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1. I can ski a 184 and love it.
2. Really understanding the carving technique
with shaped skis. Thanks Bob B. for the
quiz question thread about boot cuff
pressure .
3. Look bindings.
4. Zardoz, worth it vs not worth it. I think
worth it.
5. G-forces and the GS turn.
6. Edging drills.
7. Steeper steeps.
8. Control.
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1) That I have plataued (sp?) in my skiing and the only way I'm going to go beyond where I am today is to ski a lot more days per season than I do today.
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1) people take my posts way too seriously

2) no matter how much any of us loves to ski, the visitors from Powdermag.com will still refer to us as GapicSki on their own forums

3) the people over on the Powdermag.com forums actually are a very entertaining bunch, and for the most part they are just trying to have fun when they come over here and rant 'n' rave.

4) I have a lot of things to learn about skiing and a lot of improving to do, but when I trust myself, I find out that I can do things I previously thought were beyond me.

5) no matter how much I love skiing, when mid-March rolls around, I find it hard to stay interested in skiing -- especially if there is dry singletrack around.

6) Jets to Brazil ROCK!
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1. Once you go fat - you'll never go back.
2. Untracked powder is worth the hike.
3. The thrill of exploration keeps skiing fresh.
4. Newfound respect and appreciation for my home area of Crystal Mt. (related to all the above.)

Selfishly hoping for one last winter storm...
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1) Don't sweat the small stuff especially when it comes to base damage.

2) You really can ski fast on a pair of 181 cm. skis.

3) Nordica boots still fit me best and its a shame they are getting so hard to find.

4) Fat skis are fun but the new carving skis are unbelievably sweet on packed snow.
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too many things to mention technique wise...its been an epic season.

Most important lesson is don't buy a new mtn bike in the middle of ski season !! :
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1. I am not allowed to marry my Axis X Pros, no matter how much I may want to.
2. I cannot marry Blackcomb Mountain, no matter how much I may want to.
3. Bearesses are better than maggotesses.
4. You need to have values in life: If your boss won't let you ski, change jobs.
5. 7th Heaven Powder. Relax. Enjoy.
6. Merlin's sells Jagermeister.
7. If you can't get skiing, at least talk about it.
8. AC, dchan, ToddM, etc deserve a lot of thanks for this place.

That's all for this season.

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Basically, I have learned that I am never satisfied with how much I get to ski. :
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1. Enjoy life.
2. There are no good excuses to not enjoy life.
3. If you didn't enjoy life today, chances are you'll be pissed off tomorrow as well.
4. Fresh turns are the definition of "Enjoy life".
5. No effort is too great for fresh turns.
6. Those who ski New England trees without a helmet are constantly hiking up the hill for their hat.

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1. 1 day does not a ski season make....

2. I have got to get in better shape. period.


Time to dust off the old Hoo Koo E Koo.
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1) Really enjoying more variable weather and terrain conditions rather than simply coping with them.

2) Trying to avoid counter rotation in most situations and aiming for a more natural slightly countered position.

3)Trying to acheive a quieter upper body.

4) Refusing top consider this ski season as being over. I'm heading to Mt. Bachelor the first week in May. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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# 6
Oh! so true!

Now if I could keep my poles and skis...

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1. Should have spent more time in the gym before ski season.
2. Skiing is still my stress reliever, I need to get out more. 40 days will not be enough to get me through the summer.
3. Skiing with somebody less skilled can actually improve your technique, just think about it when you are skiing easier terrain than you are used to.
4. Whatever I learned on the blues, would be applied to the blacks without my thinking about it.
5. Skiing with a girl can be great, but its just as good sometimes to get out there by yourself.
6. Losing your ski buddy to a torn ACL sucks.
7. Don't worry about your bases when your skiing the steeps, you can fix them later.
8. Unseen rocks and stumps under pow hurt really bad.
9. A bad day at Alta does not exist, your still outdoors, in a very beautiful place. Enjoy it, don't take it for granted, take care of it.
10. Only give advise to somebody who asks for it, offer words of encouragement to the timid.
11. Work still sucks, skiing still puts a smile on my face no matter what is going on in my life. When the going gets tough, the tough go skiing.
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1. Going shorter (181 cm) made things way easier. Let me ski 28 days each in Jan, Feb, March without the fatigue and pain I used to experience skiing 20 days a month.

2. Raising the unpressured edges of both feet makes the pressured edges bite better. I previously was raising the outer edge of the outside foot for better edge bite, but raising the arch of the inside foot too makes both skis edge even better. Seems to be more effective than trying to drive the pressured edges into the snow.
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1. If ya want to make short swing turns like a clinician get really short skis.

2. When your clinic group contains 5 nationalities on skis ranging from 150 to 195 in length then movement analysis requires all your attention.

3. Hot chocolate at Baileys cures all ills.

4. I love teaching skiing in the USA.

5. Vail has an excellent hospital.

6. means either sarcasm, irony, or parody.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by CalG:

# 6
Oh! so true!

Now if I could keep my poles and skis...


My first run at Jay was down the face, here's a recap:

6 foot tall elk tree (taking my pole): I'll take that, thank you.
me (walking up the hill): (expletive deleted)!

I even had the strap on. (I know in the trees I shouldn't, but I feel weird otherwise).
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I was skking in colorado this weekend at purgatory, and I learned to bring summer clothes when skiing in the spring. shit, it must have been 70 degrees at the peak
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6. means either sarcasm, irony, or parody.

oh yeah. someone else needs to say this, because it's not true until it happens 3x.

heh heh heh
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1- Appreciate every day on skiis. Started the season 6 weeks out of work with a herniated disk. Just finished my 45th day of skiing.
2 - Enjoy everyday in the mountains. The scenery around you is as important as the scenery under your skiis. Stop and smell the roses. Thank the Mountain God for making beautiful days.
3 - Enjoy each run. Just went from Volkl P40 178s to Atomic 9.12 160s. What an arc!!
4 - Remember to play. Went back to boarding(in the slush) and felt young again.
5 - Be with friends, and share the thrill of skiing.
6 - Always have a goal. Passed my PSIA Master Teaching Certification.
7 - Always set a goal. Next year, Level 3.
8 - Epicski is the second best place to be. Skiing is first.
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1. I really like dark blue groomers. That's where the speed is.
2. What I'm doing with my inside leg at the edge change has changed my skiing massively.
(basically, charging forward and down the hill with the knee, while holding the foot back)
3. I love slush.
4. I CAN wear a helmet, but that was a huge hurdle.
4. I like this forum. Thanks folks.
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