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Fischer skis lineup 2004-2005?

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This past season Ski Canada magazine listed a GS style carver called the RX-10 Phenom with a sidecut of 105-65-91. As far as I know it never made its way to North America although it was sold in Europe. The RX-9 debuted mid year in some USA markets. Will there be an RX 10 Phenom next season in North America?
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I don't believe they will be available in the US. I spoke to a Fischer rep earlier this year about the availability of the RX10 and he told me they aren't for the US market but the 9 is the same as the 10, though I'm not sure how true this is. There are some Fischer dealers on the forum and they would better know the difference between the two.
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I'm a pro rep. I skied today with the RM Fischer guy who checks in here every once in a while.

If your dimensions for the 10 are correct, I'm 99% certain the 9 and 10 are not the same ski because the 9 is 70 mm underfoot. I've heard no talk of the 10 coming here.

I have skied the 10 and like it. The WC SC has changed to the same dimensions as the SL and is a sweet ski. I'm awaiting a pair this week.

Hope that helps.
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I don't know jack about what's selling where, but I have a bunch of Fischer info laying around and they describe the RX 10 as a GS style carver with the dimensions of 105-65-91 and the RX9 as a race bred, all mountain carver with the dimensions of 109-69-96. They sure don't look like the same ski to me. Hell, do what I did and get the best of both worlds. Buy an RX 8.
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Earlier in the season I took out my 2000/2001 vintage RC4 WC SC's at Stevens Pass. They are 176cm long with a sidecut of 103-63-90. On the groomed they were a blast. They were designed when Fischer was moving from long narrow slaloms to shorter slaloms. They have a relatively soft tip and a very stiff tail. However, those charcteristics combined with their 63mm waist limits their versatility. If they were a few mm's wider with a GS flex they would be ideal all around ski for me.

On the other hand, I have two pairs of Fischer Sceneo 500's at 165cm and 170cm 118-68-100. They are fantastic skis for me in all respects except that if I had my my choice, I would like to have a ski with the Sceneo characteristics with a somewhat longer turning radius than their 14m and 15m respective turn radii.

I recently bought the Fischer RX-9. 170cm 109-69-96. It might be called "Fischer lite." It has a very light feeling and for Fischer, is a very lively ski that wants to dance down the slope. It is a really fun ski. However, it tends to get bounced around in PNW cut up conditions(I will post a review of it when I have the chance). With another layer of titanal it would probably very closely resemble the Sceneo 500's notable characteristics which include smoothness, rock solid stabilitiy and the ability to power through chop and cut up conditions.

For inexplicable reasons (to me : )Fischer didn't sell the Sceneo 500 in the USA this past season and will be eliminating it in other markets this next season. With a slightly longer turning radius it would be my perfect ski. [img]smile.gif[/img] This sparked my interest in the interest in the RX-10.

Yes, you can conclude I like Fischer skis. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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