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Lake Tahoe with Day Care?

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I am planning a trip w/ my wife and 9 mo old son to Tahoe April 24-27... North/South doesn't matter so much ...

We were looking for a place that had day care, and it looks like Heavenly is the only one that is popping up ... it looks great but curious if people have had personal experiences with it.

Things we care about
- day care
- resort accomodations (my wife wants that atmosphere)
- snow quality / terrain for intermediates (i will be riding, she will be skiing)

Thanks for any guidance
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you better check closure dates. This is what I understand as of today.

Last scheduled day of operation.

April 16.


April 23,

Sierra at Tahoe
Mount Rose
Sugarbowl (pending guest visit count

April 30th


May 20th

Alpine Meadows

May 29

Squaw Valley

July 4th

Mammoth Mountain
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I just realized that for Heavenly ... damn!
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I believe SAT last day the 24th.
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Kirkwood has a day care called Mini Mountain Day care. They will still be open, but call anyway....

Just happens to be the best snow (highest altitude) in Tahoe
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None of the North Lake Tahoe resorts offer daycare for children younger than 2 years old. If you go to Squaw or Alpine, you can call the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association for babysitter referrals, 800-434-1262 or 530-583-3494. Alpine Meadows is great for intermediates but has no lodging at its base. Squaw has lodging at its base but is not the best choice for intermediates.

In South Lake Tahoe, Kirkwood starts at age 2, Heavenly 6 weeks (but will be closed), Sierra-at-Tahoe 18 months (also closed). If you go to Kirkwood, licensed child care for infants is available from an outside agency, call (209) 258-8783. This is who Kirkwood will refer you to, friends have used and liked, and it has a good rep. Kirkwood has awesome intermediate and advanced terrain, as well as a base village. I think Kirkwood is your best bet of the three resorts open during your timeframe.

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