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Summer Ski Camps 2006

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The following adult camps are most intersting.

What are your comments and experiences? The information came from "Freeskier" megazine.
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I went to Momentum back when it was SMS; I had an amazing time. What exactly are you looking for?
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My son is going to Mt. Hood for thier "Bumps & Jumps" in July.
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Mt Hood will be great this summer

I just got an e-mail from Sarah Richardson who is whom you contact to hold a camp on Mt Hood this summer and she says:

"The snow is fantastic. We did not have a Master's Camp last year. The
hill closed on August 18th and we made a call in early July to cancel.
It will be outstanding this summer. The snow pack is great and the snow
keeps coming."

The Master's Camp is the first full week in August and is a great time. The fee includes all the food, afternoon and evening activities, as well as the lodging and the lift tickets. The lodging is bunk style on the first floor of Timberline lodge but because the Master's camp is usually smaller than the kid's camps there is plenty of room to spread out. We had 3 in our room in a room designed for 6 people.

The evening/afternoon activities include golf/mountain biking/sailboarding/whitewater rafting. To reiterate, all of these non-skiing activites are part of the camp fee. They pick you up at the airport, so you don't need to rent a car.

Their link to sign up is at www.timberlinelodge.com

(and a more direct link)


Here is a link to pics from the first one I went to.


The skiing is pure race training. There is no casual skiing on Hood at that time in the summer. You have your lane that your camp is assigned to that you stay on. A typical day is breakfast at 6am, warmup at 6:30am, hit the slopes at 7am to warm up in the public lane, meet at the top of your lane at 8am and ski till noon to 1 depending on how sloppy it gets. Then you get a usually a short break to change and perhaps hot tub a bit, then the afternoon/evening activities start. They do GS for the first 3 days then Slalom the last 3 days.

The view from the top of hood is spectacular on a clear day. There are no tree refreences and the lift supports are tipped. It's a very strange - no vertical reference - environment if you've never skied there before. The snow is heavily salted to make it last longer and if you fall on it and have any exposed skin you will get a nice almost pavement type scrape.

Oh, I forgot to mention the toys. At government camp (a little 'town' 6 miles down the volcano from Timberline lodge) all the manufacturers have little shops set up where you can, for free, sign up and try out various skis. This is a very fun perk and the practical side of this is since they salt so much, you don't have to destroy your skis with a week at Mt Hood.

The adjacent lanes in the prior years had some awesome skiers from Japan training. The whole Mt Hood scene in the summer race camp season is quite an experience.

This will be my 3rd camp. I've been every summer but the last one (no snow) since I've started skiing. It's a wonderful way to bring some ski fun to the middle of the summer.
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