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06-07 Stockli Stormrider Scot Schmidt & 06-07 Stockli Stormrider XL

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I am 6'2" and 215 lbs. and I spent this season at Jackson Hole, skiing aggressively all over the resort and hiking to a good amount of backcountry terrain. I had the opportunity to work in a ski shop that rented Stockli this year, so I was able to demo and then order two Stormriders: the XL and the Scot Schmidt. I demo'd the XL in a 184 and the Scmidt in a 178 and 188. All skis had a Marker M14.0 demo binding with the adjustable plate underneath, which unfortunately produced a medium-sized dead-spot on all skis tested. Taking this into account, I was surprised at how well the XL held on pretty much every type of snow, except for powder, where its 75mm waist produced quite a bit of sink. The Schmidt 178 was a completely different animal than the Schmidt 188, the shorter being much quicker to turn and easier to control, and the latter of being more stable at high speed, with a longer turning radius and a stiffer feel. To be quite honest, the demo bindings made the longer Schmidt feel downright scary. Adding a dead-spot to a ski that is already one of the stiffest, heaviest boards on the market made it feel like I was riding a steel i-beam down the hill.

With my demo experience in mind, I ordered the XL in a 184 and took a chance with the Schmidt in a 188. I had faith that with some Look/Rossi turntable bindings, the feel would be much improved on the XL, and at least make the Schmidts controlable for me. I mounted Rossi FKS 155 bindings with toe and heel lifters onto the XL and Look P18 binders flat onto the Schmidt. This setup made both skis feel unbelievably great. And it was actually the Schmidt that I ended up liking the most. It flat-out made me a tougher, more agressive skier, so much so that I am planning on selling the XLs next fall, as I feel I can even push the XL to the point in a turn where its stability is a little questionable. Not so with the Schmidt.

So now I have a favorite ski in the Scot Schmidt 188. Heavy enough to bust through anything, wide enough to float in the powder at 89mm under foot, and stiff enough in the tail to power through moguls at speed or get that needed grip when leaning back on steep terrain.

Hope you find some of my thoughts useful,
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Hey Trip

Thanks for the review... I'd like to hear more about how the SS skied for you. I am smaller than you at 6' 180 lbs. and I own the SS in a 178cm. Unbelievable ride if you have legs to ski it all day. I loved it at Mammoth with the wide open skiing for about a half day. I really enjoyed the SS in crud and slop at pretty ridiculous speeds. Just plows through everything with great stability and the hard snow grip is way above average for a 89mm ski.

I was going to sell mine but I am probably moving back to Utah in July... I should get in enough days in next year to justify riding the SS as my all-mountain ski. I just wasn't in good enough shape most of this year to enjoy it. Been skiing a lot this month...I think I will take them up to Mammoth next week.:

Enjoy the ride!

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i hope you post the xl's here. i would like a chance to get them .
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I demoed the 178 Schmidt this year and didn't really like it. I also rode the M82 ina 172 on the asme day. You r post has me wondering if part of the Schmidt that I didn't like was the VIST Speedlock demo plate. Of course, also the fact that I was skiing it in Stowe rather than JH contributed too I'm sure. The Schmidt was fun at Mach Speed on crudded up groomers, but the M82 was much more nimble and willing.
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Just a quick update on my Schmidts. I've been in Aspen the last few days and unfortunately while skiing Ajax yesterday, I decided to drop into a closed gully which looked like it still had some really good deep, wet snow. It did indeed, but as I was nuking through the runout towards a mogul field, I hit what I thought was a rock, feeling a small thud and hearing a popping sound. I thought it would just be a normal core-shot....but I was wrong. I didn't eject and just skied through it, but when I checked my ski at the bottom, I found that I had compressed the edge up into the ski so hard that the sidewall and part of the wood core had exploded out of the ski. Here are some shots of my efforts....

Hopefully, I might be able to get my rep to replace them, but I'm not expecting it. Moving on from my little trajedy....

@ Moods: Besides the obvious damage sustained yesterday, the Schmidts have skied like a dream for me. Yes, they definitely are a lot of work and they not for the faint of heart. I have skied and played soccer all my life, so my legs are quite conditioned for this ski, and it still gives me quite a bit of burn in the quads by the end of the day. But it has made me so aggressive and comfortable hitting stuff huge and with a rediculous amount of speed that I don't think I can ever go back to softer stuff. I would say that to ski the 188 on a regular basis, it would be desirable to have a 6'+ frame with a weight of 210 lbs. or more and ski probably 25+ days a season to get the full utility out of the ski. It's still a lot of ski for anyone of anysize to muster. The 178, from my experience was a lot easier all the way around, but it was a little more skitish at high speed, so for me it's the 188.

@ Garry: I may put it up here. The setup on the XL is really quite kick ass in my opinion and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's mounted for 317mm boot sole length. Since it's the turntable heel, it can probably go up or down a few mm, but otherwise will need to be redrilled.

@ epic: Yeah, you don't want to put a plate on either Stockli, especially the Schmidt. There has been a plate/binding system fetish with some companies and in my opinion all a plate ads is a deadspot in the flex and excess material between the foot and the ski that dramatically reduces control and feel. On narrow carvers, yes, being lifted up is better for leverage and preventing boot-out, but on a ski as wide as the Schmidt, you're wide enough where you're not going to boot out and on something that heavy and stiff you want your foot nailed to the ski with as little crap between you and the topsheet as possible. That's why I have Look P18s mounted flat. Tiny footprint, high din, legendary heel piece, and I'm right on the ski. It's an amazing feeling, that's all I can say. Nonetheless, putting a VIST plate on the Schmidt would make the 188 downright frightening.

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Bad luck on the Ski. Looks like you hit square on a rock in just the wrong place.
I am curious to see what Stockli does for you. Any chance they might sell you one slightly used Ski Cheap?

Those things are pretty new I take it?
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Yeah after I get back to Jackson, I'll see what the rep has to say about it. And they were new this season, too.

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That is an exceptional blowout, were you going ninety-million miles per hour? While I do have some lust for a pair of Stormrider DPs, this makes me wonder if it's wise to seek skis that aren't primarily made of steel.

I hope you get hooked up with a new one. You might mention that because your story is posted on Epic, thousands of skiers will learn how Stokli deals with the situation. Just be subtle.
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Just an update on my situation. I went to the local Stockli retailer in town to get his opinion. We tried the head Stockli rep about trying to find a single Schmidt in Stockli's "boneyard"...no luck. The rep said he would have gladly sent that one for free. He did say that a new pair upon return of my old ones for a no-questions-asked warantee exchange, would be $399. And of course my last option was to have the shop's best edge guy do an edge/sidewall repair this coming fall for like $50.

I think I'm going to opt for the repair if I can't locate a new single 188 by the end of the summer....I'm definitely not going to drop another 400 bucks on a new pair, when there's a pretty good chance I could do the same thing again....And yes, volantaddict, I'm not sure of my exact speed; I do know I was leaning back a bit, taking some sloppy spring corn mounds which produced some moderate leg burn and reminded me of the small animals and children I ran over just second before, where the state trooper said he clocked me going 93 in a 55. : Hehe, couldn't resist.

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SKI Upgrade for going off piste

Hi Guys

So I am looking to buy some Free Ride skis for off piste skiing.

I have looked around and figure that for my size I would be best served by one of the following pairs of skis

Stöckli Stormrider XL

Stöckli Stormrider Scot Schmidt

I am 6ft 4" and 22 stone which I think is around 300lbs Well built not fat lol so I need a strong Powerful Ski but I have never really done Off Piste Skiing. I have some Volki SKis at the moment which are fantastic for racing about on piste and at the moment that is where I spend my time mainly on black runs so I am a confident skier but the next step is for me to become a confident off Piste skier which I can't do with my Volki skis as the waist is too slim and the skis too long and with my weight they sink beneath the grassline lol.

So I am looking at the two Stockli skis metioned above.

The XL is great, I think that I could do quite well with them but the Scot Scmidt looks to me like more of an off piste Beast. My direct question is as follows, but generaly feedback iwould also be appreciated and welcomed.

If I were to go for the Stöckli Stormrider Scot Schmidt Skis is this too much of a jump from my on piste volki skis, These skis are said to perform best at speed, now on piste that is not a problem for me but off piste, as someone who will be just be taking up guided / off piste sking next ski trip are these going to be too difficult to learn on or am I right in thinking that the fatter waiste and Stronger base are going to be to my advantage bearing in mind my size and strength?

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