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Counting the Days

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Well with ski season almost over here, I got around to counting up my ski days for '05-'06, and realized that almost all the skiers I know either count days or vertical.

So what other sports do people count either days or aggregate some other metric in an attempt to quantify fun over the course of a season? Do bikers count days and miles? Do climbers count days and vertical (in the other direction)? Kayakers? BASE jumpers? Peak baggers?

What's the counting culture in your off-season sports?
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Cyclists count miles, or over here, kms. They also count vert if they ride in the mountains.
Climber have tic lists eg; which grade and how many routes they've climbed.
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In cycling, I count days and miles. I live in a reasonably hllly area, but I refuse to count vertical. All kinds of people do carry altimeters that track the total elevation change, but at the end of the ride, it can be hard to find two people whose altimeters are reading even remotely close to each other.
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