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TGR has a very good thread about their childrens skiing. Maybe Epic could get a hint from TGR.:
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I saw that thread last night and emailed the link to my wife...she just called me to tell how much she loved it....and that she wants to have a little ripper : : : ...

...seriously that thread is the greatest...check it out...
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WOW---I can't wait for next year. My son will be 18mos. Everything I read on this subject says I should wait until 5 to start--4 minimum with very good balance.

I am heading up the steps now to work on his balance.

100K vert---amazing.
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Bloke here got his son on skis around the house as the boy was learning how to walk. On snow, he never took him on anything that wasn't below green for his first 2 years.... boy never learned the Death Wedge or to lean backwards. Well, this year the boy turned 4 and took out his division in the Nastar championships, and is hiking our extreme terrain and skiing the double blacks. He looks like a miniture adult when he skis, with this giant pumpkin head on top (in a helmet). He moves like an adult, totally relaxed on his skis. I've never seen him do an actual wedge, although I'm sure he knows how to do one. He might prove to be the next big thing in US skiing, in about 16 years.
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