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Short Notice

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Bode speaks with Katie on Today.
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so does anyone believe what he said?
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I agree with him that the Olympic spirit is flawed by its over emphasis on winning.

He is not being honest about his drinking and his dedication to the sport.

I think he has regrets about his behavior. He sees himself as an adult but he needs to focus on growing up.
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so what did he say?
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Its more the questions he avoided than what he said. He did say he was a completely prepared mentally and physically as he could have been for each race.
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Transcript anyplace?..
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4 minute video on MSNBC.com's Today Show section
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Note ...... "as he could have been" .....

Does that state anything at all?
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones
Bode speaks with Katie on Today.
You think they hooked up afterword for a quickie in the Green Room?
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I saw a bit of that Today (my landlady watches it... I HATE Katie Yucky Couric), but luckily for Bode he was interviewed by that pointy looking thin guy. Bode looked fat and blowsy... sunburnt? He's evidently had some media training too, using the technique of "answer the question you wished they'd asked" quite well.
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