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Guilty Pleasures of skiing....

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I was posting in favorite ski areas and I listed Okemo. Okemo for an expert skier is not a hard mountain by any means, but I concider it a fun mountain. Perfect bumps on blue trails let you really show and fly thru them. Glades that are easy yet fun. Big cruisers.

So Guilty as charged. What are your guilty pleasures about skiing?
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funny you mentioned cruisers, phil. i think one reason i like them so much is in part because i have yet to master the skills of powder-skiing and the short-turn elegance of bumps and true steeps. so, by process of elimination, it's the burners. i LOVE the feel of big turns with gravity pushing. maybe when i become proficient in the other areas, that'll change.
but i thought a little about this the other night, getting first turns of the year in. i caught myself feeling guilty, in a way, for liking the big turn cruisers. think it had to do with the thinking that if i'm not a highly technical/technically skilled skier (yet) that i should be working on THAT stuff. i have been remembering lately that the instant attraction i had to skiing had to do with the fact that it was immensely FUN and i was enjoying myself.
there has been talk here before where different people have questioned the "skiing motivations" of people who weren't that interested, or AS interested...in improving. but i can see why some people find their thrill, their contentment in skiing in whatever way butters the bread for them.

yeah, i like those 3-mile long runs with a sustained pitch that lets you pick up the pace and swoop the turns this way and that. it's easy, like recess or ice cream. it's a pleasure.
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Skiing is the only activity, that I cannot, nor will not, think about anything else while I am doing it. I am always thinking about that next turn, my next line, that next chute, how deep the snow is off 'Rustler, and countless other aspects of skiing. Never, I mean never, am I thinking about what I could be doing at work (fact is, while at work, I am usually thinking about skiing, hense epicski.com). I don't know what it is about skiing, I love the views, the challenges, the friendships formed on the lifts, the apres ski events, the gear, even the injuries (no, I do not want an injury, but if you have to get hurt...). Skiing is a life style, a habit, not a hobby. Even in the summer, you are still a skier! So my lifes guilty pleasure is skiing, but I never feel guilty for skiing, only for not skiing.

PS - Somebody tell my friends to stop calling me at work and telling me how great of a ski day it was! I might have to quit!
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Have you ever noticed that skiing is the only sport that is compared to sex? Nobody ever says that "Table tennis or xxxx, (insert sport), is better than sex." If you do, man, your screwed, but not that way!
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Gotta admit I love the Emerald area on Whistler Mtn. The runs are all uh... green : , but what variety!

1) Wide open cruisers
2) A head-to-head slalom course, complete with start gates & clocks
3) A great little mogul field
4) A novice terrain park, out of the view of the lift (YES!)
5) Gladed runs that are pure simple pleasure after a dump
6) Lots of secret pow stashes
7) A place to swap your demo skis at the top of the chair
8) Serviced by 7 minute high-speed quad over 1400 vert ft
9) Great place to people watch
10) Great place to show off (if you're into that)
11) Perfect area to refine ANY technique!

There's probably more reasons, but you get the idea. The only detriment is its the most crowded place on W/B, so mid-week is best. A great place to go on that 3rd day of your ski week when you wake up and find you have to crawl to the can 'cause your legs are to stiff and sore to walk.
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Just for the record, in the movie Pumping Iron, Arnold compared the "pump" you get when lifting weights (bodybuilding) to having sex. :

As for enjoying mild terrain, I agree with you guys. It is great to relax and flow down the mountain without having your heart in your throat for a change.
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To me, skiing involves speed, wind in my face, and turns, turns, turns. And oh yea, BIG grins.

I too spend a consideral amount of time cruising the blues. Too many of my ski buds want to do blacks and double blacks only. I don't get the speed sensation jumping down super steeps all day. These same buds of mine couldn't carve a turn if their life depended on it.

Yep, skiing the easy runs hard, that's my guilty pleasure.
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Never feel guilty for having a good time skiing. So what if you're not "working" on something at times. The goal is the grin.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Have you ever noticed that skiing is the only sport that is compared to sex? Nobody ever says that "Table tennis or xxxx, (insert sport), is better than sex." If you do, man, your screwed, but not that way!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

....Ever been in a burning building....smoke banked down to the floor..heat just about blowin' ya' out the door just the way ya came in...nozzle in hand...swearing at the Mother F!@#$%...Big **** Ass grin on ya pie hole ...ya find the heat..ya knock the SH!@#$ outta' it [img]smile.gif[/img] ...then comes sex and then comes skiing..or is it then comes skiing and then comes sex..lol...nothing like taking flight though.....its all fun.

Adrenaline is a fabulous drug...try some on yer own...or be just like the other clones :

'show me a sane man and I will cure him for you'...Carl Jung
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I think there is a larger issue you are touching on and that is what kinds of specific skiing are viscerally enjoyable from the sensations versus skiing enjoyment which is more from success at athletic and terrain challenges. Many athletes enjoy performing well and get internal pleasure from success. For instance an intermediate skier that has just negotiated a steep groomed slope making reasonable turns may be quite positively excited about how well they managed to gorilla turn through the whole length of slope without having to stop. And that success will urge them to continue on with such challenges. At the end of the day they may proclaim they had a great time, were skiing well, and would be ready to continue on the same terrain tomorrow.

Then there are those who probably from an early stage of their skiing life, really enjoyed something about the physical feelings one receives while skiing and made sure that a good deal of their time spent while skiing would be in finding and exploring ways to enjoy themselves. Before one becomes an advanced skier one can only ski on modest pitched terrain so those who sought out from the beginning, the many ways to enjoy flying down a mountain will more likely continue to enjoy skiing such easy terrain latter on after they have become accomplished. I am certainly one of those skiers. There are many games I play with slopes especially easy ones. Riding ones edges totally a certain way, skiing right at the very edge of groomed runs, skiing easy groomed slopes with various radii turns as smooth as possible, skiing with maximum relaxation, and many more. -dave
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The thing I like about skiing is that fact that I can scare the crap out of myself...and don't usually get hurt(only 3 broken bones so far). Being on the edge is such a rush...almost losing it at insane speeds, barely landing a 15ft cliff jump, just missing that huge tree in the woods, making it down a slope on which, if you fall, you're toast. That's the stuff that keeps me going back for more. It's all about getting the adrenaline pumping. That, and the incredible views...that don't invole any hiking to get there.
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Not skiing fast or aggressively, even in should-be fast/aggressibe conditions and places. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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skiing. sex. A day of skiing before a night of sex. excellent. You can totally compare skiing to good sex (GOOD sex, mind you, not just plain sex) because 1- its INTENSE 2- you focus on nothing but what you're "riding" and 3-at teh end of teh day, even though your sore and tired, youre completely satisfied for teh next week
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skiswift (see her size matters post) and skibunnyk2,

You girls are hot - way hot.

You two need to get together and either post some pictures, or come out with a calendar --somethin!!

You could probably get Sugar in on the action too...
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SCSA...SkiBunny may have lead you down the path, but SCSA you have crossed the line. :
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Hey SCSA, I think she is 16 years old. Trouble! :
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Oh man, I'm busted now. They'll probably hire nolobolono esq. to come after me...Maybe Kima will chip in for the fund.

skiswift and skibunny:
"nolobolono, we gotta get SCSA."

"Great! I been looking to hang that dude for a long time now".

skiswift and skibunny:
"He is kinda cute though...".

milesb and I could carry on forever on this one...Ultimately, it'd end up a movie, penned by our pal, ryan.

But we won't
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Got your back dude. Just don't ask bunny for anything!

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