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A Powder Day In April

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As I'm riding up the Burfield chair for 3rd time this morning, looking over my shoulder at the clouds that fill the lower valleys towards Kamloops, up ahead at the deep blue, cloudless skies that shroud the top of Tod Mountain, and down at the perfect fresh tracks that cover the Crystal Bowl and realize the German gentleman sitting next to me doesn't really speak much English I'm reminded of a German quote I read in a Couloir magazine article about the Haute Route (a trip I leave for in two weeks, and happen to have the magazine right here):

"A German skier had a saying for it: 'Ein tag zum eirelagen.' Directly translated, it means 'A day to lay an egg,' which is beautiful as to be transcendent."

I first woke up this morning around 6:30 and it was snowing. Things have been pretty thin up here at Sun Peaks, it's full on spring and warm and most of the lower mountain is closed. Yesterday I drove down to Kamloops to pick up my Mom and sister and it was 65 degrees. They had forecast 2 to 5cm of snow overnight, although a last check before bed last night and the snow was gone from the forecast.

The alarm went off at 8 and I saw that there was snow on the golf green that was fully exposed yesterday. A couple hundred feet up the hill the trees had snow on them. Turned on my computer and checked the snow report, 0cm overnight and "snowing hard" at 5am. Well, it's 4/8, might as well give it a try. Hit the lift a little before 9, asked the lifty "how many people have headed up already?"

"Maybe 20"

Made it to the Crystal lift: "How many people have been up already?"

"Maybe 5"

Just a couple tracks on the Crystal Bowl, still really firm underneath, but a good 4 inches on top is making it fun. After a couple runs off the Crystal chair I head over to the mid-station on the Burfield.

"Hey, finally someone came over here, you're the first skier other then staff."

The back side of Chief Ridge is SWEET. Pockets of wind deposit are much deeper then the 4 inches in the Crystal Bowl. I'm by myself, there are no other tracks. It's warm, the snow is great, it's MY mountain. Get back to the Burf: "hey, you're the second person up the lift too."

After a few more runs others are catching on, it's getting really warm, and I told my family I'd head back and meet them for lunch. I'm riding up the Burfield feeling the magic. Up top I see no one has headed out off the back of the mountain yet. Well, it's worth a try, guess it's finally my turn to lay in the traverse that I've enjoyed so many times this year. As I'm heading out I decide to hit "Derrick and Matt's Run," a run I first skied with Derrick and Matt back in Feb, thus my name for it. It couldn't be much sweeter, mid boot deep, skiing light so as to avoid the crust underneath. As I rip out of the trees onto the second pitch I can't help but let out a loud "wooohooooo." Coming out off the traverse back onto the Five Mile run I see two skiers giving me the thumbs up, they obviously heard my "wooohooo." I raise my arms in the air and think "this was an awesome morning to lay an egg."

Life is good my friends, very good. Hope you all have a "powder day in April" real soon. Everyone deserves it!!!
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What? Freshies in SunPeaks in April? Nice TR rick
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I am sooo envious!
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Thanks for the great mental picture this morning. I'm very jealous. Hats off to you ski_rick for making my Easter morning, this was better than munching on all the kids Easter candy. Gave me a bigger rush than the choclate buzz too! Thanks again.
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