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bindings for Line Prophet 100s

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Can anyone recommend wide-brake bindings for Line Prophet 100s? Wide brake Look/Rossi bindings go up to 95mm - should I get these and bend them? Older Salomon 912s can be had with brakes wide enough, but I've read plenty of horror stories here about toe prereleases.
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Think you are on the right track. Do NOT buy Line bindings under any circumstances - - - especially if you are concerned about Solly 912 pre-releases. I ski Solly bindings and am pleased with the product.
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There are wider brakes available for Look/Rossis. I know 105mm is available. I own Look/Rossi bindings as well as Salomon 912s. I trust them both but think the Look/Rossis have the best toe retention of any binding which is why I use them on my skis I use in crud.
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You may be better off bending b/c thats what I was going to do when I was looking at the 100 prophets. I like look bindinds the best, and it seem worth the quality binding to bend the brakes a bit....Unless you can figure out a way to put line wide brakes on look/rossi bindings.
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The Rossi site has no info on brake widths. I've seen Look wide brakes for the NX/PX models up to 105mm and Rossi bindings w/ wide brakes up to 110mm. I have a pair of 05/06 Rossi Axials that I want to get wide brakes for but CAN NOT FIND ANY ANYWHERE!!!
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I was in a shop Friday asking about wide Rossi brakes and they said a new shipment of wide brakes had just arrived in the US & they could order me some. If your local shop can't order any you can always try a European online shop like:

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Salomon has up to 115mm from the factory if I recall.

Brake problems amaze me, it's such a simple little part, why is there always such short supply/problems getting them? 100+mm waist has been popular for at least 2 seasons.
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I just picked up a pair of WATEA's and LOOK PX 12 TI LIFTER's.
Backcountry.com has 105mm brakes for the PX's for 40.00.
Be careful, there are different brakes for the PX's and PIVOT's.

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I asked a rep at backcountry.com and he said that they were not compatible w/ the Rossi Axials. Pics of Look PX and Rossi Axial bindings, however, show the two bindings with apparently identical brakes.
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It depends on what axial you have, the backcountry/tramdock.com work fine on this years Axial 2. However if you have last years or a P18 you have to bend them by hand. It isn't hard to do, you just have to have a few tools. Buy the Axial 1's and bend them by hand. If you want I have a picture tutorial showing every step. Solly 916's are really nice but you have to remember they have the toe cup adjustment screw this genrally is why people have problems with prerelease.
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I had an easier time doing my taxes than finding wide brakes for my bindings... That being said, I have 05/06 Rossignol Axial2 120 Ti Pro bindings. If you could direct me to 100mm+ brakes that fit these bindings I would be very grateful - thanks for your help.

Also, I was told by a service rep there that the brakes for a Look PX won't fit - will they for sure?

To be specific, I have these:

http://www.rei.com/online/store/Prod... t=REI_SEARCH
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