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Schools near New Haven, CT

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So I'm relocating to New Haven, and need lots of advice

I've spent the last 9 years living in Southern California. For the last year and a half I've been a full-time ski and snowboard instructor at Bear Mountain (prior to that, I spent 3 1/2 years as a part-time instructor). My wife has a job in New Haven, so I (the guy without a real job) will be following her East. At a bare minimum I will be teaching skiing on weekends. If possible I would love to be able to teach full-time while living in the same house as my wife, but I suspect that this isn't very likely, unless I want to teach at a 200 foot hill with a 10 week season.

What I'm interested in are suggestions for ski schools in the area that I will enjoy working for. Here's what I like and dislike about my current ski school. I'd like to find a place that has most of my likes and fewer of my dislikes.

Immediate supervisors are cool
Lots of variety in teaching (kids, adults, ski, snowboard, group, private, I do it all)
Decent pay ($18.50/hour on assigned lessons and 45% on request privates)
Fun mountain to ski
Easy to find weekend housing for a full season
Instructors generally get along

Owner is deliberately neglecting resort (we're the ugly stepsister resort)
Too many snowboarders
Weak training program for higher level instructors
No business during the week
Over-zealous risk management department (taking classes over ANY terrain feature is not allowed, throwing snowballs is a fireable offense, etc)
Personnel department creates policies that are borderline illegal (instructors aren't paid for showing up to line-up or dressing, injured emplyees are placed on unpaid medical leave for long periods of time, etc)

I'm thinking that I should probably be looking at the Southern VT destination resorts (Killington, Stratton, etc), but I really don't know enough to pick a specific resort. Any advice would be helpful.
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come to Okemo www.okemo.com
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leave wife ...stay in southern cal...remember u only live once.
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Originally Posted by SoCalSki
Decent pay ($18.50/hour on assigned lessons and 45% on request privates)
Good luck. I am sure pay is not as depressed in VT as it is in CNY but good luck with that.
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Any more advice? Surely there must be more than 1 East coast instructor on this page.

What makes Okemo a good place to work?

skidbump - I actually did think about that for a while, but if I was going to leave the wife, I wouldn't stay in SoCal. I'd head out to a major destination resort.
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This is my 6th season at Okemo. I love working there. It is a privately owned mountain by Tim and Diane Meuller.The staff of ski pros are the best bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure to work and ski with. We have great staff training from L1 to L3 to Dev team prep.

The pay is competive for a Vt resort. Not sure what others get paid but I know it is not 18.50 per hour.For every 60 hours worked you get a .50 raise.I think they allow 6 step ups. Required days for a part timer is 25. There is buisiness during the week but the full-timers get first dibs.The director Dan Bergeron is an awesome guy to work with.Rich Weiss(examiner) is the assistant director and is in charge of staff training.He does a great job and our pass rate for exams is very high.

Housing is not that difficult to find if you start your search early.

We are growing rapidly and I know that they have posted materials looking to hire.

Search around the web page and find the employment link there it will give you even more info.You can file an on-line application and someone will get back to you.

Oh and by the way welcome to Ct. I live in Milford which is about 15 miles south of NH.

If you need more details please PM me

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I'm just a skier - not an instructor - so I can't speak to a lot of your concerns. On your "fun mountain to ski" criteria though I'd second the vote for Okemo. Having sampled each of the "big name" southern VT resorts (Mt. Snow, Stratton, Okemo), there's no question I'd choose Okemo as the most fun mountain to ski. None are terribly steep, but Okemo seems to me to have the most variety.

Another one to investigate that might not be on your radar coming from SoCal is Bromley. Midway between Okemo and Stratton, good "family hill" / "learning hill" reputation.
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