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Summer Asphalt Boarding?

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So, what's everyone using for summer fun & training when the snow is gone? I've got a Freeboard that's a few years old and just got a T-Board from I rode the T-Board down to the end of the driveway on the 4th try and took it to my training run, where a couple of 400 foot runs went well. It's not as hard as it looks. I think the T-Board is going to replace my Freeboard this summer.
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I think the T-board is great fun, and if they can tweak the rear truck so that they can re-introduce a rear truck that also turns will be even better. Ultimately I think it might get to be almost like inlineskating and skiing, not the same but close cousins.

Regular skateboarding, both longboarding and shortboarding, I find to be different in the it clearly is not an edging sport. Balance is much more fore-aft than is the case for riding, though adapting to transitions and some other mechanics are much the same. Also a great cardio workout if you're skating transition; and learning to do baby ollies on a skateboard actually gave me much better snowboard ollies. But, more importantly, skateboarding is it's own beautiful sport.

I actually think mountain biking is the best crosstraining because of the turning mechanics at speed, but for time and location reasons it takes a backseat for me.
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Summer Training

Lots of mountain biking, lots of trail running, little bit of skateboarding, lots of weight trainig, some plyometric training, lots of going to the pool
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I've got some friends who are big into skateboard racing...I'm gonna get started this year, If all goes according to plan...
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Racing will really build up your reflexes! As for me, I'm just going to keep out of trouble by working on balance, carves and transitions.
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Now just 4 months until the season starts up again. With primarily skating, I'd say my aerobic fitness has increased, but my waist has lost maybe an inch not due to fat loss but due to loss of "core" muscles on each side. I'll probably start doing more MTB over the next couple months to try to compensate.
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I actually spend my summers rockclimbing. I am so beat up by the end of the season that I need to do something else besides snowboard related activities. The hiking involved keeps my cardio and lungs strong. The crazy amount of balance you need to employ relates to riding. Then by the time snow season rolls around I am ready to ride again, as all those joints are healed up and my body is so beat up from rockclimbing...
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If I were out there I'm not sure I'd be strong enough of character to actually hike to climb, with all the easy Eldorado and Boulder Canyon access, good to see you are.
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I don't climb at Eldo much anymore. I've done everything there I can do at least twice. After work sessions in bolted canyon still happen. These days I have been climbing a bunch at Devil's Head which requires a two mile hike in steep mountainous terrain. It's a good work out for sure, and the no crowd factor has me hooked.
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