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Originally Posted by D(C)
You ski very beautifully. I really like the way the skis are working. You also get a lot of wieght inside the arc, which is key for getting power to thoese skis.

If you would like some feedback, there is something I noticed. You seem to be leading your turns with your hips, followed by the smaller joints (knees + ankles), leading your weight to be on the inside foot high in the turn. You're basically falling into your turns and waiting for your skis to catch you once they cross the fall line more and dig in. For this reason, you seem to be somewhat parked in one position, unable to further bend the skis and apply more pressure throughout the turn.

What I would work on is getting that weight on the outside foot at the top of the turns and rolling in with ankles, followed by knees. Once you have that stable platform, you can then use your hip for power and can move inside the arc as much as you want. You will no longer be falling into your turns, rather powering through them. At initiation, think about having no wieght on the inside ski. As a drill, try even lifting the inside ski at intiation, skiing on both edges once going down the fall line.

In your current skiing, that moment where the skis dig in and catch you is where you get most of your direction change. This place is very low down in your turn, pretty much once you are accross the fall line. Rolling in with ankles and knees will help you get a higher impulse. Your direction change will occur when you are charging down the fall line, rather than while you are accross it. You will no longer be fighting gravity. The result is more speed in the race course and more stability.

If you would like evidence of where your direction change is occurring, pay attention to where the snow is flying up in your turns.

Also, have you had your alignment checked? Some sole canting may help your somewhat knock-kneed stance, which will help free those knees and make them work more.

Please let me know if this makes sense. As great as your skiing is, there's always something to work on and that's what I see...
Thanks a million for your post. Yes, I have a lot to improve on and I will continue to work on my technique in order to further develop and find inspiration.

Yes. Your remarks makes good sence and there are lots of correct observations like that Im falling into the turn and letting the skis catch up. This is a style I have developped over the years and something I have yet to incorporate into my gate skiing. My problem in gates have been that Im not applying enough edge to my skis but inclining like on this video combined with strong angulation and parallel shafts should be a step in the right direction. Its funny you should mention that I weight the inside ski early in the turn since I have been a single ski skier before adapting to the two footed stance as late as at the end of the 90's.

Your suggestions that I should shift more weight to outside ski earlier in the turn and try to initiate the turn with ancle-and femure roll follwed by hipps for power makes perfect sence. In a way that is what im trying to do but it doesent really show upp that well in the video yet. Im also aware of the fact that I do a lot of work after crossing the fall line and I would deffinetly try to be able to relese earlier. I think what I have been doing wrong is that I havent really been quick enough with pointing the knees at initiation.