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Atomic bindings, front toe vertical pressure adjustment

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Needs some help with adjusting the front toe vertical pressure on atomic xentric 312 and 412 bindings. I know some of you will say, don't adjust it yourself, have the shop do it. OK I a accept that for most people. But, I'm a confident Engineer and mechanic. I do most everything myself. I've mounted other bindings and adjusted them. And I want to learn the proper way to do my Atomic bindings. I will hold no one accountable but myself for taking a screwdriver to them.
OK, so that that's said. The instructions that came with the bindings say the bindings are designed to be a adjusted with 0.5 mm space between boot sole and AFD ( anti frictonal device ). The plastic plate the AFD is on has some vertical movement to it, it floats a little. It's hard to get an accurate reading. I looked at another set of Atomic skis adjusted by a pro and the boot sole rests on the AFD when boot is in binding. Questions: 1) what is the best way to adjust the vertical toe pressure on these bindings?, and 2) what about this 0.5 mm gap between boot sole and AFD? do i just push the AFD plastic plate down until it hits the binding plate and take the reading? How do you shop techs to it?
Oh btw these are 10.20 betarides with CRX plate.

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Salomons have the same adjustment and have a thin plastic card, about half the thickness of a credit card, which you put under the boot toe and lower the binding wings until there is a small amount of resistance in removing the card but you can still do so easily.
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I use a feeler gauge .5mm thick. With the boot in the binding and forward pressure set properly, use the gauge between the AFD and the boot sole. Adjust height so that you can move the gauge with some friction.
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If a lawyer who defends himself has a fool for a client, what is an engineer who thinks he can safely adjust his own bindings without the proper test equipment to confirm the settings?
I am reminded of a prior owner of a house I previously owned who, because he was a professor of physics at MIT, thought he could do his own wiring. You cannot imagine what we found under the sink connected to the dishwasher- it was a miracle he didn't electrocute himself every time he did the dishes.
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Thanks for the replys.

dp, I hear ya, seen a lot of horror stories myself. But, I do my own wiring, plumbing, work on my own cars, boats, rebuilt my own house, furnature, build my own electronic and computer equipment, on and on and on .. maybe some would call me a fool, but I call it independence. I probably wouldn't defend myself in court though [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the help guys.

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