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05-06 a season in review. - Page 4

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I'm always up for a road trip to 7Springs in November if it's open, which it usually is by Thanksgiving, I think.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Just throw anything in them. IIRC, they are drilled for some Marker MRR or Demos, not sure, I forget.
My bindings screw in under the foot where the lifter ain't. I think any releasable telemark binding will have this problem.(You aren't suggesting I try to alpine ski on something that skinny are you!? I'm not that crazy! Besides, you need special boots for that) I'll get them on there somehow.
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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA
2004. A long season . No wonder you are happy about it. You having a flashback or something?
I liked your half pipe.
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you know what I knew I couldnt make something that long without missing something......argh

the first blue knob picutres were from 2005 and I threw them in there because it was new beginning for myself but i screwed up the year. To edit the video isnt hard but to resave the file and put back it up on google would take days ....so I repeat the 2005 not 2004.
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Ok Bush.
I wasn't trying to take a whack at you.
That makes alot more sense
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hey garry I know..I didnt even relize it to you said something. Other than that I happy with the video considering all it was suppose to be was reminded off that time in my life.
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