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Skis for next season

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I am starting to look for a new pair of skis for next season. I would like to pick up some demos or this years closeouts.

I ski in Tahoe in powder when it is available. I am currently riding on last years B2's. I love these skis on the groomers, but they are not the best in powder, as they are only 76 underfoot. Last weekend I skied on a friend's 8800's and really liked them in powder and crud. However, they were too stiff for me on the groomers, I couldn't bend the ski nearly as easily as the B2.

I want to find a ski that combines the best of both skis. Basically I want a wide ski (90+ underfoot) that is somewhat soft on the groomers. Any suggestions? I was thinking about demo-ing the Pocket Rockets next weekend, but am open to all suggestions. Thanks for the help in advance.
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Other Choices:

Atomic Sugar Daddy: Soft tip, firm mid-tail. Light and floaty
Rossi B4: Smooth, damp, even flex, big version of what you have.
Dynastar Big Trouble: Med-soft tip, firm middle, soft tail. Pocket Rocket w/25 HP boost.

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Elan M999
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The Pocket Rocket is no more. Salomon does make the Gun which is a slightly stiffer version of the PR. As with the PR, it need to be demoed because its a ski that people either love or hate.

I'm not sure I'd recommend the B4. I have a pair and find them fun in powder and crud but a bit clunky on groomers until you pick up speed. They aren't as stiff as the 8800s but they are wider and heavier. This year's B3 would be worth checking out if you liked the 8800s. It is 6mm narrower in the waist but has a wider tip and the same width in the tail. They are a great crud ski, fun on groomers and good in powder.

If you are a woman or light male definitely look into the K2 Phat Luv. It is a great powder ski with good groomer manners.
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Volkl Karma
There still are some around at decent $. 87 underfoot.
Does well in anything at least a little soft. It's not a noodle but easy to ski.
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K2 Apache Chief............. best ski out there in regards to your specs and area you ski.
I patrol on them 85% of this season, have used my K2 Recons about 3 or 4 days.
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