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will squaw be open at the end of april?

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hey there, i'm from the east coast so i'm not sure what the skiing situation is like in late april in tahoe. can i be 100% certain that squaw would be open on the weekend of 28 april? i've got a reason to be out in san francisco area during the week and would very much like to get some ksiing in during the following weekend!
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Squaw states that they will open until May 30. That's probably only weekends though. Probably open all week through April.
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And Alpine Meadows http://www.skialpine.com/./winter/index.html (next door to Squaw) is open daily through May 21st. Eighteen feet of snow in the last 5 weeks :
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Yes, I am going to Alpine tomorrow. $99 spring pass until may 21, you cannot beat that.
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Billd, its still mid winter here. We might have some spring-like weather by the end of April, but not so far. Don't worry about snow coverage. If that much snow melted by the end of April, California would be washed away.
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Thats a sweet deal for Alpine. Perhaps a April trip is in my future there. Scott chair open through April?
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Originally Posted by Alfonse
Thats a sweet deal for Alpine. Perhaps a April trip is in my future there. Scott chair open through April?
I belive so.
You only have to ski 3 days at Alpine to make that $99 deal work. The lowest Alpine ticket I have seen is 39@snowbombs with Tahoe card.

I also bought some Tahoe Card with Sugarwood coupon @ 30 which was sweet.
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Last year alpine was open through memorial - good times with bands on the deck every saturday. The hours change from 9-4 to 8-1 at some point.

...and don't worry about coverage....this year Alpine & Squaw have more snow than last and last year pretty much everything was open right until the end...here's the coverage in the Palisades from May 21st last year...

...Squaw also rocks the high camp, which is a blast after skiing on a warm day...
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I've skied out there numerous times in April and May; no worries unless it gets warm. The downer is that skier count goes down, and they close off area as it get later in the season.

It dumped first week in May last year!
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It did and even snowed again (couldn't open the mountain coz they didn't have enough ski patrollers) around May15th just as I was leaving. Looking at the snow here at the mom it's significantly more than when I got here at this time last year and unless they have a temp/rain disaster I think KT22 and the Squaw Creek area good to last 'til end of April (they seem to be the first to close) the rest esp Granite Chief seem to stay open later/ to end of season even on the weekdays up to end of season scheduled 29th May. Oh and snowing again today after 6-12" yesterday.
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thanks guyz. looks like i'll have to pull the gear out of storage although i'll probably rent some skis when i'm out there.

any cheap lodging deals to be had out there during that time of year? i'm not stuck on squaw, although i had a blast out there earlier in the year. i'd be up to check out alpine or sugar bowl possibly, but i definitely enjoyed squaw and know my way around so i can get right into the good stuff.
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I am leaving soon. Midweek skiing in Tahoe is really cheap. You fly into Reno and stay in Reno casinos. I think I can get two nights free from Harrah's. But even paying, You can get good large rooms in Reno Hilton for $39/2 nights, the first night is $39 and the second night is free and $25/2 nights from Peppermill, Sun-Thur Until April 20. Then Hiiton's rate is $39/night for May (Weekdays),$79 weekends. Apr. 27-29 is my daughter's valley ball tornament, do not attempt to stay in Reno as almost all the casinos are booked. Apr 21-27 is some other conventions, rooms are expensive.

The two Motel 6's are around $50 on weekends.

The ski bus service, if it is still running between the casinos and Squaw, Northstar or Rose, is about the same price of a lift ticket (window).

If you like Kirkwood, stay in Cason City is around 40/night.
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open all the time

squaw should be open every day from now until May29/30 if there are enough people and it doesnt start to rain really hard up there.
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For lodging you can check out the Best Western in Truckee. It's a couple of bucks more than the Motel 6, but it's really nice, with a hot tub and a free breakfast buffet.
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Heavy rain Fri, high winds (70mph+) yesterday, 12" of new and still coming today. Gotta love this place.
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Arrived Squaw on Sat. 4/15 at around 8:46am, The Far East Parking lot had ONE car. I thought it will be my day today. Drove right up to the lift entrance and open my car door, but I was not able to close the door. GALE winds..... . They closed almost every chair including the Red Dog, which normally will never close. WE had to scratch our plan and went to Northstar.. No wind, but Boiler Plate Ice & Crud.. Never seen such conditions in the back side. Lookout was nice, nevertheless.

Today, powder pow pow even at Diamond Peak, almost knee deep with some face shots and the best thing was the Free Ticket, thanks to the Tahoe Card.

Had to sleep now, after 10 hours driving from Tahoe, chain all the way to 11 miles outside of Coflex..:
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They're quoting 3ft of powder at the top (was basically shut all of Sat and Sun). I believe it. Measured with my ski pole 2ft+ on one of the lowest runs (untracked on-piste!) "Far East" which goes down to Squaw Creek.
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