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Tyrolia Freeflex 17

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Recently purchased these bindings to use on my GS skis, the bindings have a large adjustment screw in the middle that tightens or relaxes the two springs at the center of the binding. What is this thing supposed to do? My ski shop tech says its to make the skis more or less flexible, but said they have yet to feel a difference themselves.
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Your shop tech is incorrect. The middle screw engages the Free Flex mechanism for both ski flexing directions (cambered and reverse cambered). In the reverse cambered direction the track in the plate allows the heel to slide backward maintaing the same distance between toe piece and heel piece thus maintaining consistent forward pressure and allowing the ski to more fully bend in the center. When the ski is released from the turn pressure the springs in the plate "quiet" the ski vibrations and allow the ski to get a solid edge quicker moving into the next turn (same idea as the Marker Piston).

You do not want to use the binding with the screw disengaged - it's really not designed as an "on/off" switch to enable the mechanism. The screw must be turned fully clockwise after the binding is mounted to complete the installation.
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Thank you for the reply, this sounds like a more accurate explanation. The shop I go to really does not have any race gear so I was weary.
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