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Oakley Wisdom's on SAC

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Wisdom goggles with iridium for $42! :

I should be thinking about not buying any more gear about now.
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What is SAC?
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Steep and Cheap. Great deals on gear. You can sign up and they email you an offer overnight. The best stuff is often sold out early in the day, while some items are available for days.

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I hate to see SAC deals posted on the forums. The Wisdoms sold out in 1-1/2 hours. Its not like we need to promote the site from here, or increase competition beyond alll the Ebayers that are already stocking up there. Last year, the site was new. Now it is pretty well discovered, and deals sell out almost instantly. Well, not the pink boots from yesterday : Any "hot" item will be sold before a thread here even gets read.

Docjoque: SAC is the discount clearinghouse for Backcountry.com - 1 item per day posted at midnight mountain time.
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