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Slide Wax

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Hi Everyone,

I waxed my skis for the first time a few weeks ago... Got an iron at season end from DrD at racewax.com off eBay and had a good experience doing it. Sure, I got wax all over the topsheet, used too much wax, and spent too much time doing it... etc..

Anyway, I'm using a type of wax called Slide Wax from CanWax... it's made in BC... and when I bought it... I saw that the manufacturer claimed that because of the special formulation, it requires "Extra" effort to scrape off... and that it lasts longer than mosts waxes... So I figured that the extra effort meant that if my grandmother wanted to scrape off the wax, she'd need to get some help from someone else... but it turns out even when I scraped the wax off... it took a lot of strength to do so. Has anyone used this wax before?... Am I doing something wrong?.... Do other waxes require so much effort to scrape off?.. I'm using the standard plexiglass scraper ..

Also, tips on how to get the wax off the scraper would be nice - this particular wax is apparently very sticky.
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Sharpen your scraper. A citrus based solvent will keep it clean.
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Quite frankly, I wouldn't lose any sleep over this. You have a hard formulation, so what.

You will learn to use less wax .... how are you doing the initial application? I just put a point of the wax on the iron and dribble in an "S" pattern up the legnth of the ski, leaving little dots. Watch the amount and as it spreads you will know if your need more.

One option would be to spread it and let it sit and set ... and then run the iron over again lightly to slightly warm it and then do a quick scrape, followed by a Scotch-Brite Pad buff out. I don't take mine down so far that I expose much if any of the structure in the base.

What works very well are those little plastic and cheap scrapers they sell in the paint and wall repair areas of the Home Depot Stores .... they are like 49 cents and toss them when they lose sharpness. Heck sick them in the freezer for a few minutes and that sticky wax may flex off in flakes.
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