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Ogden area Shops?

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Steel, Ziggy and other north Wasatch skiers, who has a quality shop up in Ogden area? Who are the people you trust with a tune or a fitting or just to give the straight answer to a question?
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Alpine Sports in Ogden and Canyon Sports in Riverdale have provided great service- Also, several friends are quite pleased with Diamond Peak in Eden. Ben
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Of those mentioned, I have only been to Alpine Sports but have been very happy with my experiences there. Jeff is a good bootfitter if you need that.
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49, I go to Alpine Sports the most - they just celebrated their 50th year in business. Bob Chambers is still racing in his mid 70's. They have had some of the same sales staff (Jeff M.) for many years. Good Tuners that can accomodate your specs. Canyon Sports is good also but does not have the selection or the staff that Alpine does. There is also a shop called Ski-Mania but I dont know much about them.
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Thanks guys, As time goes on It is looking more and more like I will be making the move to the Ogden area. I'm sad to move from my home of ten years here in Park City . But looking forward to getting my photo taken for a Snowbasin season pass. I can't wait for some of you guys to scare the pants off me with some of the local shots,
I was up that way the other day. There is a thriving art community in Ogden That seems to be a rather friendly and tight knit group.
That's what I'm looking for cheap Real Estate prices and cost of living good skiing close by and an active art community.
Next time I am up that way I'll check out Alpine Sports. I have been in the Canyon sports outlet They do seem to have good prices. I also see a sign that said ski mania had moved.
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