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Sunshine Village April 08, 06

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Thought I would post some pics as they speak volumes sometimes.

Sushine has lots of coverage. I didn't hit a rock all day and we went everywhere.

things were very icy till later in the day (to be expected) but once it softened up it was like an endless tap of 7-11 Slurpee's. WOO HOO !


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april 9 ssv

skied on sunday,, have to agree it was pretty much hero-snow from about 11 till 3 maybe 3:30 before it got super soft,, calling it slurpees works,, we were calling it mash potatoes until it got sooo good we decided one run was garlic mash potatoes with gravy.. pass the roastbeef

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We had moments of Garlic Mashed Potatoes with gravy ontop. Was a weird day kind of had to chase the soft around.

We just watched the sun and caught where it was beaming down directly.

Started on Great Divide, then moved over to Standish for three of four runs trying to find some different lines.

Did Divide again, Angle a couple and had an early lunch Around 11:00 then once the crowds picked up at the lodge we went to Goats Eye till about 2 PM. Skied the hell outta that goat, poor bastard.

Then went back to Angle and Divide, Wawa for the late afternoon chucking some of that cliff band to Skiers right of Wawa chair, mmm love them 8800's. Got some video of this to post later.

Then back to the top with the pack from locker and back to the truck at around 4:45 PM.

Still hate Sunshine for skiing but they have the snow so what's a guy to do.

Didn't hit Wolverine chair like we did with you opening day, maybe we should have. Good lines in there and low lift lines.

what did your day consist of?
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my day was a mess from the get go,, the edmonton crew phoned from edmonton at 7pm saturday to say they were coming for sunday,, i didnt get ahold of them until noon and none of them had slept.. so i spent the morning by myself.
I got there at 9 so everything was pretty firm,, did a few on angel to chek out the park, cause i hadnt been up to ssv in awhile,, the park is much improved and has some cool features,, but i really think they should move it down to wolverine. Snow was icy/hard in the morning anywhere above wawa/standish so i moved over to standish and did laps of garbage and standish chutes until it warmed up a little and my friends showed up, i dont think ive ever done that many runs in a row on standish and for awhile the snow just got better and better every run,,, noon or so friends arrived with two girls they met the night before in banff : so i thought they were gonna spend the afternoon on the bunny hilll with the bettys,, fortunately they ditched them and we headed back up standish,, after a few there it got foggy and windy ,so we did a couple cruisers on wawa b4 deciding to hike the back door. Snow back there was great,,soft but really filled in,, it was so good we headed back up and did it again,, then finished the day with a few runs on the goat but snow was softening so fast that anything that wasnt packed down was trying to rip your skis off,, I shoulda hit it up earlier,, all in all a great day,, Mark when are you coming again? i think the lake should still have some more winterish snow in spots.. anyone at louise in the past few days care to report??
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Zardoz NotWax!!!!

I found this stuff yesterday too,, Zardoz Notwax is liquid teflon base lube,, try some,, thus stuff is amazing,, almost eliminated the real sticky snow and made everything nice and slippery,, i think it may be the key to fun spring skiing ..
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