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Atomic M:EX, Love Em

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came to this site originally looking for reviews of some skis I was considering online. Due to family logistics etc.I don't get out enough to
use demo's as a way to choose a ski. With the help of this forum I settled on Atomic M:EX (05) in a 175cm length. WOW finally got to test them out at Kickinghorse Mountain Resort at Golden B.C. first off What a mountain!!
steep,trees, big steep bowls , great snow. After one warm up run I was loving these new boards.. wide range of spring conditions from "almost still powder",to crud and mashed potatoes. Fast soft groomers. The big bowls
had good bumps, just soft enough. and the rest was a blast,chutes ,trees etc. These skis rocked, Advanced ,44yo, 5'-8" 180lbs. I was impressed with the ease of turn initiation, stability, nice and fat with incredible float.
They just felt rock solid and fun everywhere. Tight trees were no problem for the 19m sidecut and I was surprised how well they skied the bumps.
Thanks to all those that responded to my posts during my research !
I'm super happy with my purchase
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xcountry41, I also bought a pair of 175 M:EX's recently. My stats are similar to you but unfortunately I'm a tad older & heavier.

I got to use mine recently in varied conditions for a couple of days in France & I fully agree with your comments. I was particularly pleased with the edge hold early morning icey hardpack.

And I was even more please with the end of line discounted price .
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During our last week of skiing (Tignes / Val d' Isere, France) we seemed to have more ice on the slopes than snow so we decided to do some off-piste skiing which I really enjoyed. My SL:9 (170) performed very well on the icy groomers but in the loose stuff it takes a lot of work not to sink.

Because I allready planned to take a freeride course next year I decided is was time to buy myself a pair aof new ski's. A fiend of mine has the Scrambler 10 and he likes them a lot, the shop only had the Scrambler hot so I decided to demo them. These ski's were totally different...a lot softer and longer (182) than the Atomics. I took them out for the whole day and tried to ski on as many different slopes as possible, we were lucky to have some fresh snow (8").

They performed pretty well off-piste, bumps were easyer because of the softer flex but I had to get used to the length. On the icy groomers I was able to ski a bit more "lazy", the SL's like to be ski'd on the edge. On higher speeds I did not like them at all, I missed the feedback I got from my own ski's the did not seem to hold edge very well. What i did like was the difference in sidecut, with the SL's it feels like I allways have to make short turns and I would like to have a ski that is more suitable for GS turns. Unfortunately I was not able to demo more ski's.

Back home in the Netherlands I visited a couple of ski shops but they did not have anything that matched both my needs and budget. I found a lot of reviews (and this forum....!!!) and I narrowed my options to the K2 Apache Recon and Metron M:EX. There seemed to be not that many people that really liked the Apache's (or I could not find them) so I was hoping the M:EX would be the ski for me, It seems to be very good in fast carving in groomers and stable skiing off-piste.

I found the M:EX (175) on the internet for only €350 so that seems to be a good deal, they have the heavyer demo binding so I hope I don't notice that weight during skiing. The lengt seems to be a bittoo long for me according to the metron index (I'm 78kg, 187cm), 165 would be too short I guess. They also had a pair of B5's that were used for demo during 3 days but the guy said the M:EX would perform better during the freeride course, and I think I would not like the huge sidecut. Let's hope I made the right choice! The shop was only 1 hour driving so I picked them up the same day.....and now I have to wait till next winter to try them The only thing that comes close to real mountains in Holland is an indoor ski centre with a 500m slope so I might go there to give them a try.....
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Originally Posted by Jeroen
The only thing that comes close to real mountains in Holland is an indoor ski centre with a 500m slope so I might go there to give them a try.....
Jeroen, You are going to love the M:EXs. My advice: don't try them on the indoor piste - they are made for big mountain ripping!
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