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Hybrid XT Review

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Boot Make: Tecnica
Boot Model: Hybrid Race XT-17 Size 25.5
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 6
Previous Boots: Tecnica Icon Alu Comp 26.5
Your Height/Weight: 5 foot 9 155#


I skied the Hybrid XT two weeks ago on a sunny day. It was quite warm and the snow was soft. I remember the first run with the stock XT. The first run with the Hybrid was miserable b/c i closed the buckles too tight. I was in pain. I only latched them on my second run. This is where my review begins.

Compared to the first run on the stock boot, there was a noticeable difference. The boot was absorbing the terrain. The boot was not nervous like the stock model when i was going over the smallest bump. The ride was much comfortable, very much like the Icon Alu Comp, but the latter has a vibration absorbing rubber under the heel. The boot was much more forgiving. I felt that on my first run. But on the second run i felt i was skiing my best. This usually took a few days. I felt in balance and the boot was responsive to quick movements. I was more upright than in the stock model b/c i cut the high lower back.

It is a much better freeskiing boot for me. I really like its ability to abosrb terrain.

I did not want to post this review but i have to say that there is something important here. It's the ability to absorb terrain. Those who ski in plug boots and freeski in them know that the boot do not have the ability to absorb terrain. The vibrations are transmitted directly to the skier and the ride can be uncomfortable. I want to say for those looking to make the XT more freeskiing friendly that cutting the monoshell will provide the terrain absorbtion they are looking for.

In terms of performance, the boot was quick but smoother than the stock model. Lateral support was there. I could make carved turns with a straighter outside leg and a more flexed inside leg without problems.

I like the hybrid design (hinge + 4 bolt design). I use the Tecnica Diablo Race R lace up leather liner. I don't think there is terribly likely that they will crack. The risk is the same as with any other plug. Plus the bolts in the back stiffen the spine and IMO it is even better than the stock design (w/o bolts in the back). The flex was very close to the stock model b/c the bolts stiffen the flex.
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sywsyw, nice review!

FWIW, I find the stock XT skis very similar for me as your description of this hybrid one (it absorbs terrain very well for me, and I use it to freeski exclusively). I wonder how your modifications would change my experience... We may see one of these days now that I have a spare pair of shells...
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When i skied the stock XT, i felt even the smallest bump and i did not like it. The boot was not very forgiving, IMO. Perhaps it is a little more forgiving than the Atomic, Nordica or Tecnica Diablo Race R, but it is still a race boot.

I ordered a pair of RTs b/c i was not sure how the hybrid would perform and i will go back to a race boot. But if the RT is very unforgiving i have the hybrid. Frankly, i don't think i will use the RT for freeskiing.
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My XTs are pretty dialed in. They only felt like that the one day I put the stock strap inside the cuff. I now use a Booster strap and ZipFits. But, still, they are great for all-around skiing. We are pretty close to the same size, but I've got a bunch of years on you...
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IMO if they work for you do not cut them. If it ain't broke...

I did not put the stock strap inside the cuff. I did that on my Alu Comp. I did not feel a noticeable difference.The boot did not flex very well so the difference was minimal. But i modified the Alu Comp and i will use a different liner. When i flexed the boot with the new liner, the boot flexed much better and i set the flex adjuster in the "Lock" position for stiffer flex.
I will consider a booster strap for the XT or the Nordica Hot Rod velcro strap called Energy Drive Plus (by Booster).
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There is one more thing that is extremely important but i forgot to mention it in my review. It was better for short pivot skid turns. I could use my ankles better. And when i was carving, i felt that the boot was very precise and performed very well when i was aggressive.

I had to post this b/c i can't edit the review.
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