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resorts open in may

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im trying to plan a trip first week of may. i know mammoth, snowbird, whistler, squaw, abasin will be open. can you guys help me out with any other options? thanks
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I think. Dont quote me on it.


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in Colorado
A-Basin closes June 4th
Loveland closes May 7th
Silverton closes June 15th
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sunshine in banff May 24thish
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I f you decide on North SHore Tahoe Alpine Meadows will be open until may 23rd. So that is 2 large ski areas 15 Min apart.
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You should just go to N Tahoe/Mammoth - Mammoth keeps a lot open. Alpine - generally the summit lift. Squaw - sometimes just Granite chief area. You should call Squaw.


Whistler - It's Whistler Mt only but the full mountain is skiable. The village it's still fun and you do not feel wierd skiing in full gear May.

Most of the other places do not have enough terrain for 1 week. Bachelor might have been an option, but they do not keep things open as long as they used to.
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