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Nightskiing near Vail

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I know Keystone has nightskiing, but is it still open? I heard it closed April 2nd.

I'll be going to Vail tomorrow for 5 days. Wanted to see if any of the resorts around had nightskiing open.

I'm hoping for the best with everything :-). Never been to Colorado.
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according to ther web site they stopped night skiing on April 2nd as you heard. here is the link http://keystone.snow.com/info/nightskiing.asp
you can call tham or email them but I'm sure they did stop night skiing. No other resorts have night skiing. It will be spring skiing here in Colorado. The new snow should help but it will be warm the next few days - hard pack in early am and slush by late pm at least at the bottom of the mountain. I still love spring corn. It should be good. remember to put on a lot of sun screen during the day - and re-apply at least once. www.snowforecast.com for 6 day forecast.
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