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Given the increasingly unscrupulous motivations behind feigned Political Correctness, it has become oxy-moronic by it's being too often only "political" and too seldom at all "correct".
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Speaking of changing names at Grand Targhee...

I just got back from there yesterday. I noticed that there was a trail marker (two actually, I think) that used to read "Lost Squaw" but the "Squaw" was painted over. I found a trail map and the run is now labeled "Lost Warrior." More PC I guess.
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What about the "Devil's Crotch" in Breck?
Surely it is offensive to atheists and satan worshippers?

In Whistler, there's the Symphony Bowl, and the Harmony Bowl, but no "Haven't got a note in my head Bowl". Is this not offensive to the non-musical among us?

I could take personal offense at "Baldy's Shoulder" in Alta.

Is the run "Lost Maid" in Brighton sexist, by implying that only women get lost (men never admit to it)?
Is "Lower Mary", also Brighton, derogatory of short people called Mary, or is it a request for a lady to get down?

Is "Single Jack" in Park City offensive to unmarried men also known as John?
But then, this is the same resort that has a "Widowmaker" but no "Widowermaker", obviously implying that only married men will die on the run, not single ones, or women.

Don't get me started on Snowbird - "Lazy Susan" (why just pick one woman's name?). "Chip's Run" but no other options on your potatoes, "Silver Fox" but no Red fox, Grey Fox, or me. There's a "Peruvian Cirque", but no other South American country gets a look in.

I say we sue these resorts for being so offensive. It's a disgrace.

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Three cheers, though, for Big Squaw Mountain Resort near Greenville, Maine. They refused to change their name, even though state politicians voted to officially change the name of the land they are on to "Big Moose Mountain." There are sensible people out there, you just have to look hard for them.
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat:
...Is the run "Lost Maid" in Brighton sexist?
Brighton changed the name of this run to "Lost Maid" in the prior century, this is the run formerly known as Lost Maiden Head. Go figure.
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There is a run at Guthega (part of Perisher Blue) in Australia's Snowy Mountains called "Schnaxl", named according to local legend from the exploits of a certain Austrian ski instructor.
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