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What's the longest drive you have ever made to go skiing? - Page 3

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As far as trips driven for the sole purpose of skiing (i.e. not getting a job and bumming) I guess it would have to be my recent drive from Seattle to Jackson with buddies in March.

I've also made two trips to SLC from Albuquerque this year in the van, one of them solo. All three of these trips have unfortunately only involved two days of skiing, and more hours in driving than skiing.
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I've been watching his thread and wishing I had some of these long journey's.

I live close to several nice midwest ski resorts. In under 2 hours I can ski at any of 5 or 6 places. I'm fortunate in many ways, but it seems that everytime I start planning a trip somwhere Big, there is always something in the way.....I'll make it west next year!
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for a day trip, 2 1/2 hours each way is the max i would do. Kind of sucks to travel 5-6 hours total to ski about 6-7 hours.

for a weekend trip, have driven up to 6 hours each way. was pretty tired the next day. normally try to keep it under 5 1/2.

for a weeklong trip, have driven 7 1/2-9 hours each way. Doesn;t matter so much as usually the end days of the trip are lost as travel days.

i met this skiklub from Florida that drove 25 hours to get to Sugarloaf maine to ski the week. that;s dedication!
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Day trips to Hunter/Windham: 130 miles / 2.5 hour each way day are the norm. Been doing that a dozen times or more every season for almost 30 years; if not, I'd be lucky to get more than 7 days a season (as opposed to the 20+ I average).

Once in college, a fraternity brother and I left NYC at 6:00 AM, drove to Waterville Valley in NH, skied from about 1:00PM til closing (that's when the half day price kicked in), skied the entire next day, and drove straight back. It was roughly 6 hours each way. Neither of us was exactly an expert skier at the time (in fact, I doubt we had 20 days on skis between us) but we had a break in the middle of exam week and were really, really bored.
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longest drive

new delhi india to gulmarg kashmir-------------only 400 miles but only 15mph= 25 hours
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Duke a little more information please.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
Duke a little more information please.
Sounds interesting.
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Skiing in India does sound exotic. TGR should be over there filming the next up and coming ski porn star who is will to risk life and limb for a few minuts in the spotlight.
A few years back I got on someones mailing list for a Heli Ski operation in the Himalaya mountains of India. The Name of the Outfit was "Curry Powder Outfitters."
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Phoenix to Brian Head, UT

Last season (November 2004) my two sons and I left Phoenix on a Friday night at 7 PM for Brian Head, UT and arrived at 3AM. We got up to ski Saturday morning at 9 AM (lifts don't open till 9:30) and had 20 inches of fresh untracked powder on opening day. We left at 4 PM as we had to be back in Phoenix Sunday AM. Probably our best road trip ever.
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Two and a half days from Baltimore, MD to A-Basin to ski in June. Just had to do it. Great road trip. Nothing like skiing in the morning, fly fishing in the afternoon, drinking at Dillon Dam Brewery and Breckenridge in the evening.
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Friday 10:00 am: Depart L.A.
Friday 4:00 pm: Arrive Sacramento, and meet Tyronne Shoelaces (maggot)
Friday 4:15 pm: Depart Sacramento
Saturday 4:00 am: Arrive Mt Hood
Saturday 7:00 am: wake up and start skiing
Saturday 3:00 pm: depart Mt Hood
Sunday 3:00 am: Arrive Sacramento

If you add it up, that's 30 hours of driving, less than 3 hours of sleep, and maybe 6 hours of skiing.
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That doesn't sound like a good ratio of drive time to ski time. Now the real question is was it worth it?
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This Friday, April 14, we will drive 5 1/2 hours one way to ski at a 400 vertical ft. ski area in Michigan with temperatures in the mid 60's. This will be day # 95 for me this season.
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Drove straight though the night with some friends a few years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Taos. It was around an 18 hour drive but well worth it for the three days we got to hit some fairly decent powder.
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13.5 hours from Tucson to Salt Lake City..For 2 days at Snowbird.

Beat it!
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The guy that posted immediately before you did, guy.
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Originally Posted by skiingman
The guy that posted immediately before you did, guy.
Actually, he didn't.

13 hrs / 2 days = 6.75 hours of driving/ski day

18 hrs / 3 days = 6 hours of driving/ski day

And yes, the crazy Hood trip was totally worth it, given that it was the last week of July, and I hadn't skied since early April due to a season-ending injury.
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Vancouver to Whistler. After hitting the airport 2 hours before departure at 5:30 from Boston having a 1:30 min layover then flying to Vancouver for what 6 and a half hours just in the air. Then waiting another hour and a half in the customs line after getting my bags. I'd say my 2 hours to Whistler are the longest.
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6.5 hours from coastal NC to Snowshoe, WV for 1.5 days of skiing three times this year so far. 12 hours each way to Killington, VT (but we stayed longer). Given the choice, I would rather drive the distance to Snowshoe for 2 days of skiing than Killington for a week. The Jersey and NY traffic made me crazy.
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I didn't realize there was consensus math here. Hah.

I'm personally rather ashamed of some of the trips I've done. Fun, but there is absolutely no justification for that kind of mindless waste of fuel. There is no justification for running an automobile for 25-30 hours for a couple days of skiing, but apparently a lot of us have done it.

My car sits for days at a time while I ride my bike around town, yet I somehow have managed to put 9k miles on it since December. In addition to the 8k miles I've flown in that time.

The drive from here to SLC is actually really nice. I was getting rather used to it before it decided to snow here finally.
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Originally Posted by sellis
The Jersey and NY traffic made me crazy.
I-95 is by far the most annoying north/south route east of I-5. I hate that road with burning passion. I've driven it on weekdays and only been able to average 55mph, spending hours doing 40mph or less. Anywhere near a weekend or school vacation...forget it.

If I were going to do that drive from NC I'd hop on JetBlue flight.

$188 round trip from Raleigh-Durham to Burlington. Plus, you get to ski Vermont, instead of Northern Jersey.
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Originally Posted by skiingman
I-95 is by far the most annoying north/south route east of I-5. I hate that road with burning passion. I've driven it on weekdays and only been able to average 55mph, spending hours doing 40mph or less. Anywhere near a weekend or school vacation...forget it.
SM, I agree with the comment on I-95 ... we've driven to New England through the night, and late at night I-95 is not bad. We've made the trip from Raleigh to Haverhill Mass (~750mi) in 11 hrs ... leaving 8:00 pm and arriving 07:00 Bahstan time.
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2 weekends ago I drove 13 hours back home from Virginia on Thursday, skiied Sugarbush Friday, did family stuff Saturday, and drove back to VA Sunday. I don't know if that counts or not, but it was a long drive either way.
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skiing man I agree the drive from SLC down to Santa fe as well as back , is rather nice drive. If you have a mind to, side trips make it even better. The few times I have driven to Santa fe, I have often thought about finding a little plot of land somewhere in the 4 corners area. Settle in and become familure with the San Juan mountains. The Henry Mountains in Utah also intrigue me.
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Well, I'm sure it's entirely unimpressive (but I just wanted to blather on about it), anyway I just completed a 450 miles round trip (in my van which is dying and can only go about 50 without overheating) to Big Sky for one day of skiing (I would have stayed for another day if I wasn't so far in the hole).

Worth it? Hell yeah! I got to ski the Big Couloir (a fact which I will be spewing all over epicdom for days to come unless people respond to my TR).
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2 1/2 week trip, 24 hours from Des Moines, IA to Lake Tahoe (with stops in Utah both ways).
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Originally Posted by OldSchool
Vancouver to Banff/Lake Louise = 10-12 hours depending on conditions.

Yes, I've done it for one day of skiing.

For 'everyday' skiing, I'm up at 6 AM to make the 8 AM Whistler (or Blackcomb) chair...though this far into the year it's 8:30 AM.

Still it's 6:45 AM right now - which means I'll miss first chair. Decided on a big breakfast instead because I think it is raining up there, so I'll need extra energy.
And the second longest would be 8 hours. That was a Vancouver-Whistler trip. There'd been an accident.

The newer fatter Sea-to-Sky Highway will be safer and more efficient, I'm sure. Well, I hope.
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Doesn't count due to no skiing but tomorrow I help my sis
drive from Denver to Washington DC.

I couple hours ago she was walking the dog in snow in a
storm in Denver, grrr
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Originally Posted by ant
When I did Masters in Australia, there were people driving from Sydney every weekend of the season to do the same programme. From Canberra it was about 2.5 to 3 hours' drive (depending on traffic and snow conditions on the road) and I did that every weekend for years, but people were doing it from Sydney which was more like 6-ish hours. Some lived on the northern beaches, north of Sydney, which was more. And they did it every weekend.
That's where I'm (Northern Beaches) from and although I don't go as often as I used to; I normally get down to Thredbo about 6~8 times a year. In 1985, I went most weekends throughout the season before the Hume/Monaro was dual-carriageway for most of the way. Boy, those trips home could be slow!
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This should speak to the desperation to get on any 'decent' terrain in the midwest.

I've driven 5 1/2 hours to get to Madison, WI (Devil's Head) for a weekend. I've also driven close to 8 hours to get to Cadillac, MI (Caberfae Peaks) for a 3 day weekend. That's pretty desperate when you're looking at maybe 900' vert for the two hills combined!
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