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What's the longest drive you have ever made to go skiing? - Page 2

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short drive to SLC

2200 miles!

About 25 years with gas prices a third what they are now my friend
Don and I drove from Washington DC to Salt Lake after New
Years for a 2 week ski trip.

Stopped in Taos (no snow) and Durango (low to med snow) on the
way to SLC and at Steamboat (good snow) on the way home. Took
2 extra days going and 3 extra days coming home.

What we saved on airfare and rental cars made this trip cost about 1/2
that of a usual western trip. The crazy part was that the car (71 240Z)
engine was being overhauled by yours truly and a week before the trip
pistons and the crankshaft were laying all over the bench in my garage.

The only engine trouble we had at all was the water pump went out
and was replaced in the motel parking lot in SLC. It was external
and easy to get at.
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Funny thing is it would probably cost more to make that drive now than to fly...
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17 hours to Jay Peak and 16 hours to Killington from Indiana.

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Originally Posted by Utah49
How obessed are you? I'm not talking about road trip but trips to get in just one or two days skiing.
Well if we are going to through the original rules out the window, I drove from Kingston Ontario, to Courtney B.C. and back IN A CHEVETTE!: , to go skiing at Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island. Of course I told my wife it was to visit her mother .
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Let's see, for a day trip I have done 4.5 hours each way to Snowshoe. For an over night I drove 10+ to Killington. Left Va at 9am got there at about 7:30pm stayed the night, skied the next day, then drove back. Got home around 1am. Longest drive for a week, was 14 hours to Tremblant. Left Va, stayed the night at Lake Placid, skied the next day at Whiteface. Left at 3pm, got to Tremblant arong 10pm or so, skied three days at Tremblant, left the next morning, spent the night in the Pocono's. Skied the next day at Blue then drove home.

I have done other trips like these, but these really stuck out as being in the car long.
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Originally Posted by jenscats5
My drive is 6 to K......
Then you're not driving fast enough.
Do you live in Jersey?
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When I lived in SoCal we used to, sometimes, drive to Tahoe for the weekend. Usually about 11 hours. Once, I drove to SLC for a 3 day weekend.
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I drove from Seattle to Whitefish, Montana (Big Mtn) for a week on the hill. That took around 9.5hrs each way.
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Originally Posted by Devils Fiddle
Then you're not driving fast enough.
Do you live in Jersey?
Nope - DE......and I drive pretty fast....
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3 hours to Hunter or Belleayre every weekend, sometimes there and back the same day. 5.5 to Whiteface was the longest I think. It's funny that at the start of the thread NY megamoguls taking planes out west to ski for a few days was mentioned. I do this when I need a quick Utah fix but it ain't easy. The trip there takes about 8 hours door to door. The trip back is more like 27 hours from the time we get up to ski that day to the time we get home the next morning. It's the only way to get cheap flights..cause I ain't a mega mogul.
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This past Dec/Jan, 7 hour FLIGHT SJU-Lax, 8 hour drive LA to Reno, then a 7 hour drive Reno-Mammoth via the alternate route due to avalanches, and finally a 6 hour drive Mammoth-Disney.

No problema, 'cept for the wife bitching about not stopping and driving too fast, as usual.

Would do it all over, and then some!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Greenfloyd how fast do you drive? LA to Vail in 14 hours? It is at least 12 hours to Utah and Vail is a good 5 to 6 hour drive from Park City to Vail.

Geenfloyd, My bad, I just did expedia for driving directions and time from La to Vail and They give the time of 13 hours and 15 minutes. Might as well just keep heading north on I 15 and hit The Wasatch Mountains.
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I'm pretty sure one of the maggots has got you guys all beat. The kid worked till like 11 one night, geared his shit up, made the drive to Alta from Boulder, farmed pow all day, drove BACK to Boulder to work the next day after skiing, then drove BACK to Alta for more pow. Then back to Boulder after last chair. That kid was pretty dedicated. And an inspiration. Wish I had a damn car and no broken neck...

alta is 6 or 7 hours, I believe.
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I've got two ski trips that are note worthy.

1st: Left No. Virginia at 4am on Sat. and drove to Hunter Mtn. skied all day and then drove to Mt. Snow. Skied some fresh on Sunday and then drove back to No. VA. Got home a little after midnight.

2nd: Left Orlando, Fla. Christmas Day and drove to VT. Skied K-mart/MRG/Stowe/Sugar. Got engaged! Drove to Snowshoe, WV for New Years. Skied two more days and then drove home to No. VA.

Luckily my Wife is a skier. She's addicted just like the rest of us.
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Last Season: 9 hours on a Sunday night to Whiteface for an afternoon of skiing. I was way too tired from the drive the night before to get up early.

This Season: 8 hours to Wildcat for a day of skiing on my birthday. Then a 2 hour drive north to Canada for dinner and then 2 hour drive back to sleep. We planned to ski at Sunday River the next day but with over a foot back home and nothing where we were, we decided to head back home. The drive back through the storm was 12 hours.
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Longest Yard

Regular weather conditions: 8 hrs. each way from Cental NJ to Jay Peak (it was worth it).

Bad weather record: 9+ hours from Central Jersey to Mad River Glen, VT. Left work at 5 pm, hit freezing rain in Albany, and then 8-12" snow, took 7 hrs. to get to Rt 100 and then another 2 hrs to get up Rt 100 and Rt 17 to Mad River. Car stuck in a snowbank the last 1/4 mile.....

The skiing was good the next morning though!

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One Trip in '93: Big Sky, Jackson Hole, Grand Targhee, Sun Valley

Flew into Twin Falls, ID, drive to Big Sky, MT. Ski next morning, drive to Jackson Hole, WY, ski two days. Drive to Grand Targhee, WY, ski one day and drive to Sun Valley. Ski two days and drive back to Twin Falls to catch our plane. Round trip: 1064 miles. I wanted to go to Taos also but my buddy Darrell said, "No way!"
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5.5 hours there and back every weekend for all bar a month of a 70 day season.... including skinning up and telemarking down the last couple of weekends...
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4.5 hours each way from the Outer Banks of NC to Wintergreen VA.....to ski all 89 acres of the place
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I was once drove 1300 miles to go skiing.

The problem is, that was 6 years ago and I accidentally never drove back.
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My regular once-a-week midweek day trips are 2.5 hours (160 miles) each way to Wintergreen VA. If there is a major snow dump coming, or it's later in the season, I do 4.5 hours (240 miles) each way to Snowshoe WV. Sometimes I do both places in a loop with an overnight stay in WV. Snowshoe is only 80 miles past Wintergreen, but through the VA/WV mountains and slow going. It's actually a pretty cool drive, especially in snowy weather -- guaranteed to be as exciting as the skiing itself. You just haven't done a day trip until you have crossed the WV state line in a blizzard....
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Indianapolis to Whiteface ~20 hours because about 6 of them were on Rte. 3 (what was I thinking?) behind a snowplow at 10mph.
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8Hrs each way for a weekend to Attatash

My normal drive is 150 miles roundtrip for a day of skiing
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It's not me but I know of some race team parents at Okemo that have been making the drive from Baltimore MD to Okemo VT every weekend during the season for around 11 years now, give or take a weekend or two. On a good day it's about 7hrs.

My drive to Okemo is now only 120 miles one way. Every weekend since the 95/96 season. Until my son moved in with me last year it was 175 miles one way. To get him and return him to mom.
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350 miles each way, from Raleigh, NC to Snowshoe, WV ... up and back on the same day, many, many times.:
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From Troy, NY to Steamboat Springs - non-stop. Then on to SLC and then Aspen. Several speeding tickets, they made you pay right there. The cop took me to the Post Office and watched me put the cash in the envelope and then drop it in the slot. I have never seen that before.

It was a great trip. '74 Mazda Pick-up and Wankel engine (rotary). 90 mph, one would nap in the back while we rotated drivers.
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Used to routinely drive from Santa Barbara to Mammoth, leave S.B. at 3:30 am, arrive back there at 10:00 that evening. About 5.5 hours each way. But by definition, we're all certificable at 20.
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My regular commute is 4 hours each way - but I'm still considered a local.
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I used to take the bus from NYC to vermont resorts (okemo, mount snow, stratton) for day trips. Bus left at 4:30 AM--got back at 9pm the same day. Does that count?
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1600 km from Buenos Aires to Bariloche,Argentina.Many times my whole life,and I LOVE it!
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