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Gotta Pick One

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I'm new here...lotta good info!
If you could only have 1 pair of skis, and your choices are either the Ficder AMC 76, or Fischer RX9's, which do you choose?
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Between those two it would be the RX9 for me.
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Welcome to EpicSki!

My vote.....Metron!

Oh...that wasn't one of the options.
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AMC 76 if you live west of the Mississippi, RX9s if you live east of the Mississippi.
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If you are an Eastern skier and/or you are mostly a groomer zoomer, then the RX-9 would be the choice. If you are a Western skier, and/or you have an appetite for occasional jaunts into softer or deeper snow, then the AMC 76 would get the call. Both have quite good edge grip when compared to skis in similar categories.

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winterdude, I would take the RX9 over the AMC 76, myself. The AMC didn't feel as stable to me. And I'm a western skier.
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Thankyou everyone for your replys. I should have given you my bio: I do live in Minnesota, but most of my skiing is done out west. I'm 5'9", 185lbs, and an accomplished skier. I like to ski everything but bumps. I snowmobile in Colorado, (Vail Pass, Buena Vista, Salida, Climax, Hoosier Pass, Grand Lake), and recently discovered the joys of back country skiing via snowmobile. I've reached the conclusion that I need a lift served ski, (AMC 76/79 in a 182, or the RX 9 in a 180), and a backcountry ski, (Watea in a 192). Any thoughts?

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