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We have snow!!!

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Mark the date-August 22-the first sighting of snow in Summit County.

Driving into work early this morning there is a light dusting of snow on the high peaks above Breckenridge. It is a balmy 34 degrees down here at the golf course (9300 ft) at 6:30 AM.

It will all be gone by 10:00 AM but it is a hint of good days to come.
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[ August 22, 2002, 05:52 AM: Message edited by: Seth ]
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Yipee! We were just saying last night any day now!
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YEAH BABY!!!! I have a whole new outlook on my day! Thank you.


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As an interesting aside, there is an article in the Summit Daily today covering the Denver Water Board's plan to begin cloud seeding in the Summit County area this fall. While designed to help the drought situation any increased snowfall will obviously help the ski areas
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I had a few beers last night, and some for lunch today (beer festival 5 minutes from where I'm working). I've read your message 3 times now, and each time I just smile a little bit more.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


P.S. Any sign of them opening the lifts yet?
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Is THAT what that white stuff was? I'd almost forgotten what it looks like. jhstroup, I don't have any pix of this year's first snow, but there's a couple of fun shots of previous opening days and early season Colorado skiing at:
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telebob couldn't get to the pic files from your address posted
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copy the link and lose the trailing period!!!!!

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Ahhh gottcha thanks
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geeez you have SNOW already! Here in Utah, at least where I'm at, I think its gonna be awhile. Its weird though, the ski season is creeping up on me. Its gonna be here fairly soon and I haven't started getting in shape yet! Ahhhh I better go lift some weights or something!
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Oh thank God! the summer is nearly over then! Snow sighted in N.A.!

I thought I was gonna die down in South Florida a couple weeks back. At least planning a ski trip w/my teenage daughter from there helped us get over the heat. Then 101F back home in Boston last week was just wrong.

Now I'm up in balmy Toronto freeloading on LM's business trip. Cooler but still freakin' summer!

Obviously I have reverse-SAD. Bring on the snow!
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Alas, as I predicted the snow was gone by 10 in the morning.

The good news is we're are starting to see frost, sometimes heavy, every morning. The change of seasons is definitely in the air-at least here at 9,400 feet. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Snow !!!!!
i knew i was in a good mood for some reason. thats it. i'm buy 1/20 of an acre in summit county and putting a internet cam on it.
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Hey SkiCougar--here's the live Copper Mountain Cam

It's a cloudless Rocky Mountain blue sky day today, Sunday August 25. No snow this morning, but it's chilly, and the aspens are turning gold in Summit County. The air feels like late summer, the 2003 Farmer's Almanac just came out, predicting a heavy snow winter, and I'm getting excited.....

Still, there's a bunch of great summer and fall days left--lots more miles to go on the bicycle!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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thanks Bob.

i may still be a newbie on this forum, but if there's a skicam in the US off a skiresort; i probably have it.
i already have copper, breck, keystone, 2 at whistler(1 still has some snow) and more that i wont even list at work. if anyone needs some snowcam links, let me know.
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Welcome on board.
I started out with a lot of webcams on my favorites bar, until this...
Resorts page for The Ski Shop

Apart from linking to a lot of the world's resorts, there's also a link there to Snoweye, who currently have over 1760 snow cams & links!

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